White Mage Journal
Solo Fighter Journal
By: Omegaflare

July 8

2:30 I started this journal today it's the first one I've done (and recorded) so I decided to start off slow. I made a party of 4 fighters Red, AAAA, AAAA and AAAA. I will now proceed to kill the deadweight.

2:36 Ok my three extras are dead now it's time to level. Oh I bought 5 Heal pots while in town.

Hp 62

2:41 Hit the inn still on Lv2. BTW I'm playing this on FCE Ultra.



2:47 I've made it to Lv4 and I am now going to make a run for the cap (and maybe beat Garland). I bought up to 7 Heal pots for the occasion.

2:50 got the cap and used 3 Heal pots. I'm going to try to beat Garland.

2:52 Bah ran into a Ghoul who beat me down to 48 hp grrrrr. I'll use the last of my Heal pots and try Garland.

2:54 Beat Garland man it's cool to beat a boss using turbo speed Gotta do something be back in a min.

3:00 back. Ok saved the princess talked to the king and saved. I am now heading to Pravoca.

3:03 Bah a iguana killed me luckily I save stated right before. Ok I beat him this time but he beat me down to 14hp and I'm out of Heal pots. :( Hope I can make it to Pravoca.

3:06 DANG I ran into another iguana he beat me down to 6hp before I ran away.

Ok made it to Pravoka and saved now it's time to upgrade my equip. uhh after I make more money that is:).


Ok got the cash I need to buy a new sword. Alright bought the sword and saved now I have 5 gold:( TIME TO FIGHT.


3:42 ok I'm back (I went to watch spongebob) still training.


3:45 Well that's enough for right now I'll play some later.

July 10

5:31 So I was grounded yesterday and didn't get any work done. But I'll make up for it today. I'm still training, just in case you forgot lol.


5:37 Ok that's enough training now it's time to kill Bike's pirates. Uhh after I update my armor that is >.> BAH I forgot to equip my armor and the pirates killed me then I loaded a savestate that was before I did all that. So now I have to do it again. >.<

Ok THIS time I'm going to beat Bike. Oh yeah I rule and I have a boat.

Well I can see that stun is going to be a problem grrr. Anyway I'm going to train in front of Cornelia for the cheap inn.


Well I have 4,000 gold now so I'm off to buy a Silver sword. Ok got the sword time to train some more.

Lv11<---That took longer then I thought it would...

6:00 Ok bought 95 heal pots (and drained my wallet doing so) now I'm going to watch the Simpsons.

7:30 so apparently "watching the Simpsons" means "mow the yard'' to my parents and now I'm really tired so I'm done playing for tonight.

July 13

7:34pm WOW FF2 is a addictive game! I've been playing it for the last couple of days so I didn't get any work done on this. But never fear cuz I'm back and ready to kick some FF1 but. ^_^

Well my dad closed my game before I could save so now I don't have any Heal pots which isn't so bad cuz now I have all my money again :). So now I'm off to train!

Lv12 Oh yeah I stopped writing out my stat increases. Why? Well I think it takes up a lot of unnecessary space......and I'm lazy >.>

You know, in all of my sea battling I've only been stunned like 3-4 times. Just thought I'd say that.

7: 47 just got Lv13. This sea battling is so easy I think I'll go to Lv15 before I stop.

Well my stun count went up >.< Since I just beat the last fight with 23hp left I think I should go to the inn. :D Aaaaand Lv14

Hate stun...I REALLY HATE STUN! (Two different stun incidents there)

Heh I've got to see that movie You, Me and Dupree. Still training...

8:03 So apparently the stun gods got mad when I bragged about only getting stunned 3 times cuz now I'm getting stunned every other battle! On a more positive note I got Lv15 and now I'm taking a break. Later.

10:01 I'm back and I'm going to make a run for the crown before I go to bed. I bought 74 Heals and 7 pures now I'm off to the cave!

BAH my sister just had to play on the computer while I was gone and she messed up my guy so now I'm back on level 14 *sigh* Oh well...

Ok I leveled up again so all is good. I got the crown oh and 4 wizards hurt.

I'm at Astos time to kick some dark elf butt.

...................................I forgot the crown................................*goes into other room and yells profanities*

Well I don't feel like going back there so I'll leave that for another day. Later.

July 14

3:44pm Since I left the crown in the cave last night I now have to go back there to get it. This sucks...*SIGH* I only have one pure left so I have to go back to town and get some more. You know what? I'm really tired so I think I'll play later. Later.

10:08 Ok I'm back time to kick some Astos but. Got my pures and am on my way to get the crown.

I hate stun I urber hate stun...


Well I learned that scorpions hurt. Yup they hurt real bad.

Hey have I told you that I hate stun? Cuz I really really do. I finally got past a stupid stun jerk battle. I UBER HATE STUN!!!

10:22 Ok now I'm going to kick Astos's butt those other times don't count >.>

Whoa that was was rub.




Grrr this is starting to get annoying.

After about 20 more rubs I finally got him and the crystal. Now time to do all that trading. I'll be back when it's done.

Lv17 along the way.

11:01pm Ok I got the TNT but I'm tired so I think I'll be done for tonight. Later.

July 15

10:05am All right I'm not tired anymore and I have the whole day to myself. Time to finish this, I got the TNT and am heading to the dwarfs.

Ok I opened the cannel now I'm off to Crescent Lake. And Melmond to.

10:19 I've upgraded my equip at Crescent lake now I'm going to train to Lv20 or so.


10:26 Well I hate poison about as much as I hate stun now.

Lv20 and a mighty 486hp. Now I'm going to go take out the earth cave.

10:29 I stopped off at Melmond to hit the inn. Now I'm off to the earth cave. Hmm I going to go ahead and buy that steel armor while I'm here.

All right I'm at the earth cave and the vampire is going down. In my trek to the vampire's room I stopped off at a earth spiked square. They give pretty good exp so I think I'll train here for a bit.


10:40 Ok done training there, back to killing the vampire. Well I'm stuck on a 5 coctrice battle. Hopefully I can beat it using save states. Yep I win and I get Lv22.

Finally got to the vampire and killed him. Now to get out of this place. Ok I'm out and at melmond and I hit the inn. Time to visit the old rode dude. (I don't know his name.)

Got the rod now back in the earth cave to kill Lich. Ok I'm outside the cave I made a save state here just incase something happens. I'm going in.

GRRR I hate it when they hit you with a 9 stun jerk battle. One a more positive note I'm on the 3rd floor.

Lv23 while fighting some wizards.

11:00 I HATE STUN! And all these 9 stun jerk battles.

I stand before Lich. It is time to die you earth rotting fiend. And he's dead. Time to go get my canoe.

11:05 6 more stun jerks tried to stop me from getting to melmond. Ok I made it and saved now to Crescent lake.

Got my canoe and maxed out my Heals now to raid the uh place you get the rat's tail from (I forgot its name to).

11:15 Ok I'm there. Lv24 from some medusas.

Got the Heal staff. And the Zeus glove and all the stuff in between. Got the tail but I don't know if I'll use it or not, I haven't decided yet.

11:17 I'm out and I'm hungry so I'm going to go find something to eat. I found some ceral so all is good. Now it's time to get my floater.

Stopped off at Crescent to hit the inn now I'm on my way to the Ice cave.

Lv25 along the way.

11:27 ok I'm in the cave. I'm just going to get the Floater and get out. Here I go.

Whoa 9 wizzys right off the bat Zeus showed them whose boss though. OK I'm at the stun jerk square I hope Zeus pulls thro


I'm stuck on a mage battle and they keep rubbing me! DANG IT! *sigh* Now I'm going to have to load from my crescent lake save. Dang it...

11:40 Ok I'm back at Crescent and heading to The ice cave again.

Lv25 again

11:44 I'm back at the Ice cave. Back at the Stun jerk spot. Got the Ice shield.

11:49Killed the eye and got level 26 AND got the floater.

Fought more eyes and got level 27. Now I'm going to leave and get my airship.


I've got to take a break.

1:12pm Ok let's try this again

Lv25 again

1:15 I'm at the Ice cave again

At the stun spot. Zeus owned again.

1:18 got to take the trash out be back in a min. Ok I'm back

At the eye. Killed it and got the floater now let's hope I can get out of here.

Lv26 on stun spot.

1:28 WOOOHOOO! I'M OUT! Now to get my airship.

I got the airship now to buy a proring and raid the waterfall (in that order).

1:36 Got my proring now to raid the waterfall cave. Bought the bottle along the way.

I'm at the waterfall cave I can sense the defense...


1:40 Ok raided the treasure. Cool stuff: Defense, ribbon, and some cash. Oh and the cube of course:).

Lv28 still in the waterfall cave.

1:51 I'm out now I'm heading to the Water temple. Uh after I get the oxyale that is >.>

1:57 Ok got the oxyale and maxed out my Heals. Now I'm ready to go into the Water temple. And I'm in, now to find the mermaids.

Lv29 on some waters.

WOO I got the light axe! Now it's time to get revenge on those stupid stun jerks. WOO I get the mage staff which is better then the light axe. Oh man I can't wait till I find these stun jerks. *Laughs manically*

2:12 I've raided the mermaids and now it's time to leave. What? I'll come back to save them....eventually.


Whoa ghosts hurt I died its ok though cuz I saved state.

Lv30 again

Ok I'm out now it's time to learn Lefeinish. Learned it now to go get me a bell.

Got the chime and Lv31 now to raid the Mirage tower.

2:22 I'm at the tower but I'm a little tired of playing so I'm taking a break. Later.

July 16

8:35pm Well since things are getting kind of dangerous for my dude I've decided to max my Level. To the ice cave!

8:40 Ok I'm at the eye time for some genocide. *smiles evilly*

8:46 Darn I fell. What the heck? I just ran into a Grcentiped, I've never seen (or heard of) that before. Weird.

Ok I'm back at the eye.

8:56 Aaaaand Lv50 999Hp! Oh yeah. I'm ready to finish this now. Starting with the Wind temple

Hit Cornelia to hit the inn and sell the junk my dead bodies are carrying. Ok sold and stocked but I'm done for now. Later.

July 17

11:08am Ok it's time I will finish it today. I have 3 fiends left to kill. Let's boogie. Since Kray is closest I'm going to kill her first (sounds kinda wrong huh?).

11:12 I'm at Kray. And she's dead. Next up Tiamat.

I'm at the tower Got the sun blade and Thor's hammer. Killed the BlueD and entered the flying castle. Got the Bane sword for Tiamat. On the Warmech floor, hope I don't run into one of them.

11:20 At Tiamat time to kill this over grown lizard. She's down only one left.

11:23 I hit the inn and now I'm at the water palace.

11:26 I'm at Kraken and he's dead. Get ready Chaos cuz I'm coming for ya!

11:29 Hit the inn at Cornelia and stocked up on Heals and pures time to kill Chaos.

11:32 Killed the Phantom.

11:37 Lich is down.

11:40 Bye, bye Kray

11:42 Half way through the water floor I'm going to use some Heals.

11:44 And another one bites the dust.

11:46 Ooh I can feel the masmune I must have it...

11:48 You know something this powerful should be protected by more then 3 fiends 5 floors of strong monsters and a 200 year time gap...

11:52 Tiamat met a very unpleasant end. Now nothing stands between me and Chaos.

11:54 WOOHOO HE'S DEAD. Oh yeah I rule.

Well that's that I defeated Chaos and finished this journal.

Date completed: July 17, 2006
Total time: Not sure 4 or 5 hours maybe.
Difficulty: easy.

More journals coming soon.