White Mage Journal
Yay! I finally get FFO for $25. Now I dont have to deal with the whole system crashing ever again (and even if my PS did crash, the save will be alright). I tried making 2 journals on the NES (one a duo theif party, another which was an unarmed, unarmoured fighter party (which got boring very fast... also was my "unique secret" project which I dont really care about anymore, so anyone who's reading this, you can steal this, I wont really care), both times the NES crashed... f**king worthless NES...) so anyways, here begins the...

Da_Macster Solo Red Mage Journal

Apr.14, 2006 (If it takes 15 seconds to make a bridge, why does it take 200 YEARS TO REPAIR IT!)
4:02: Made a Rm, and 3 theives. Rm is named Dmac
4:11: Damn, was away. bought crap and saved
4:16: First battle with goblins, Dmac lives and the theives are dead (cant be backpacks anymore....)
4:21: Woot! Lvl 2! Hp 57, SE(E=V)L
4:27: Lvl 3! Hp 59 (grrr) AIE, saved
4:47: Finally Lvl 4... Hp 84, SIEL
4:53: Saved at the ToC.
4:57: Whew, got away from a pack of wolves with just 1 hp left, healed....
4:59: 2 steps later, stun death by a ghoul :(
5:03: Died by another ghoul!
5:07: Kicked Garland teh n00b's ass
5:08: Lol, almost forgot the lust again! -_-
5:10: Didn't my journey begin like a hour and ten minutes ago....
5:15: Somehow I got killed by a lizard...
5:17: And my journey begins..... again....
5:20: Tent saved so I dont have to deal with this long ass cutscene again
5:26: Tent saved halfway, few steps later, pwned by some horses
5:27: Made it to pravoka, bought gloves and ice, saved
5:33: Killed the L337 Pirates, and Lvl 5! hp 87 (arg!) AIE, saved
5:38: Bought broadsword, saved
5:48: Lvl 6! Hp 112, SEL
5:55: Gonna take a break

6:09: Back
6:20: Died from a shark and goggler
6:32: Lvl 7! Hp 115, SAI
6:46: Got bolt 2!
6:47: Lvl 8! Hp 143, SEL
6:57: Damn gogglers!
7:11: Lvl 9! Hp 169, AI+2 hits!, gonna take a break
10:30: Back
10:47: Saved at finger point
10:48: Murdered by trolls
10:50: Fried 7 winter wolves, Lvl 10! Hp 192, SEL, tent saved
10:53: Damn ghast's killed me on the way back
10:56: F***ING GHASTS!!!!!
11:00: Made it back, saved
11:06: Got cure2!
11:13: Lvl 11! Hp 196, IE
11:23: Raided the dwarf caves
11:37: Got the mythril sword!
11:42: Lvl 12! Hp 221, SAL
12:01: Gonna get some sleep....

Apr.15 (Fu*king stun!)
9:42: yep, nothing beats 9 hours of sleep....
9:52: Lvl 13! Hp 225, IEL
9:58: Saved at the marsh cave
10:02: Damn ghouls killed me...
10:07: Damn ghouls!..
10:14: Damn crawer!
10:18: Damn ghouls!!!
10:22: F**KING GHOULS!!!!!
10:28: Damn crawer!!!! Screw it, gonna Lvl up
10:51: Lvl 14! Hp 249, S
11:08: Got ice2
11:16: Lvl 15! Hp 253, AIEL
11:25: Damn ghast's!
11:30: OMFG! I hate stun so much! died by ghast's again
11:34: Saved at the marsh cave
11:37: At the wizards.... or Piscodemons, whatever, anyways I died :(
11:41: At the Piscodemons again, and died again. I need to fight 2
11:46: Damn Piscodemons!
11:52: Grrr, I need more levels, gonna train at FP, but first gonna take a break

12:06: Back
12:20: God damn ghast's!
12:24: Saved at Finger point
12:25: Almost killed 3 giants... :(
12:26: Killed 6 winters!
12:28: Killed 2 necrotaurs! Lvl 16! Hp 280, SEL
12:37: Back from Inn
12:38: Almost killed some necro's, but died
12:39: Got owned by gigas
12:40: Killed 6 winters
12:42: Killed 4 winters
12:43: Damn gigas
12:45: Damn gigas!
12:46: Fucking gigas!!!
12:47: Killed 4 winters
12:51: Killed 2 gigas, gonna refil magic
1:00: Back, but died by winters :(
1:01: Eaten by a tyro....
1:02: Killed 2 necro's
1:04: Killed 7 winters
1:06: Owned by gigas
1:07: Damn necro's
1:08: Damn necro's!
1:10: Killed a necro/troll combo
1:11: Got killed by giga's, gonna go back
1:15: Lvl 18! Hp 315, SA
1:18: Bought haste and esuna, saved, gonna take a shower.
1:55: Back
1:59: Saved at the marsh cave
2:06: Damn ghouls!
2:10: Wow, a miracle happend! got attacked by a crawer/skeleton combo, almost died, but everyone ran...
2:13: Wootness! Killed the piscodemons! got the crown..... note to self: They're not strong against bolt
2:22: YES! Got out and saved!
2:29: Fucking Ghast's! They always show up and kill me
2:33: Saved at elfheim
2:37: Saved at the western keep. Let the rubbing spree begin....
2:39: Or death, whatever
2:40: Death!
2:41: Death!
2:43: Woot! Hes dead, got teh crystal eye
2:49-3:30:Got the tonic, got the key, raided elfheim, raided the keep, raided cornelia, raided Toc, Lvl 19! Hp 320, SIEL, Saved at melmond, gonna take a break.
3:39: Back
3:54: Went to cresent lake, got buckler, saved
4:06: Lvl 20! Hp 325, SAL
4:17: Saved at melmond
4:24: Saved at the terra cave
4:27: Lvl 21! Hp 330, AIEL
4:32: Damn Ghast's! they always show up at the right time
4:35: Lvl 21 again, Hp 355, AIE, got out and saved
4:45: At the vampire, 1 fire3 killed him got the ruby
4:56: Got out and saved
5:06: Got the rod, saved
5:14: Damn ghast's almost killed me
5:21: Lvl 22! Hp 360, S+3 hits
5:22: Saved at the TC
5:29: Damn wraith's!
5:32: Damn giga's with first strike
5:41: At the plate...
5:46: Damn Piscodemons
5:58: Fuck, stoned!
6:11: Damn wraith's
6:21: Damn ghast's
6:25: Damn piscodemons
6:31: Fucking ghast's!
6:37: Fucking wraiths!
6:48: Fucking ghast's!!!
6:54: Fuck!!! now im stoned!
7:04: Jesus, these fucking ghast's show up everywhere man! died again
7:13: Fucking stoned!
7:23: FUCKING GHAST'S!!!! Screw it, I have been trying for 2 fucking hours straight! gonna train more
7:37: Saved at cresent lake
7:54: LMFAO! I gained a lvl by having a centipede running away :). Lvl 23! Hp 365, IEL
8:18: Lvl 24! Hp 371, SAL
8:32: Saved at the TC, gonna try again
8:39: Damn ghast's
8:57: Friggin finally i make it to Lich's ball, first turn, get stunned, then get hammered for 3-4 turns then died...
9:04: Damn it! stoned!
9:11: Damn ghast's!
9:18: Damn ghast's!!!
9:29: Damn ghast's!!!!!
9:41: FUCKING GHAST'S!!!!!!
9:44: Damn wraiths!!!
9:55: Fucking Ghast's!!!! God damn! the other guy did it in 1 try at lvl 21! I've been doing this for 4 Firggin hours!!! And only made it to the Lich ONCE!!! gonna try training at the keep
10:04: Damn wraiths!
10:15: Not working, going to FP
10:22: Lvl 25! Hp 377, I
10:25: Damn giga's
10:29: Damn necro's. I hate that control error bug, went to use magic, but ran instead, grrr
10:35: Damn Giga's
10:41: Lvl 26! Hp 383, SE, Cottage's really help, unlike houses
10:55: Lvl 27! Hp 412, AIL
11:07: Damn necros/trolls
11:14: Tyro pwned me :(
11:15: damn giga's
11:18: Lvl 28! Hp 442, SL
11:30: Damn giga's!
11:37: Lvl 29! Hp 448, IE. Gonna go to bed

Apr. 16 (There's no easter eggs here, go away)
1:30: Yo, happy easter everybody!
1:51: Lvl 30! Hp 454, SAL
1:54: Got supplies
1:58: Saved at TC
2:05: Damn ghast's
2:17: Damn wraiths!
2:27: Damn ghast's!!
2:35: Fucking ghast's!!!
2:43: Finally made it to the Lich.... YES! 5 Fire3's did it! got out and saved!
2:57: Got the canoe, saved.
2:59: How did I died by a hydra?
3:03: Did they made the river creatures stronger? died again
3:04: died by hydras again
3:06: Took a wrong turn, died
3:07: Damn hydras/croc's!
3:09: Made it, saved at the volcano
3:15: Got the icebrand
3:16: At kary.... or marilith, whatever... damn, she pwned me
3:23: At marilith again.... damn, died again
3:32: Ok, Spells dont work. Neither does invis. new plan, haste, and hope she dosen't attack much
3:42: Horned devil's?!? how did I died by them?
3:49: Ok, got the Icebrand and got out and saved
3:57: At marilith.... damn it, almost... gonna take a break

9:15: Back
9:21: Damn marilith
9:29: Ok, since when dark DECREASES damage? gonna take a small break
9:37: Back
9:47: 1 Fucking devil killed me!!!!!! WTF?
10:00: This time, i went to lvl 31 in the volcano. Hp 460, AIEL, saved
10:06: Damn it! almost!
10:11: Damn! I need her to just to use spells!
10:18: Fuck! use spells damn it!.... I need new armor... wait is there a gold armlet in the castle of ordeal? *reads map*
10:23: Yes there is, going there
10:31: Saved at the river near the CoO
10:33: Saved at the CoO
10:37: Damn medusa's
10:43: Damn mummies!
10:48: Damn! stoned by medusa's again!
10:54: Stoned again....
10:59: Damn mindflayers! all but 1 ran, and that 1 killed me :(
11:04: Omg hacks! 5 Horned devils got first strike and they ALL used fire2! and died...
11:11: Stoned again, im so stoned
11:15: Damn mummies!
11:25: FUCK! I got the stuff but the zombie dragons at the end stuned me, and I was screwed
11:33: Yes! Got the stuff, got out and saved,
11:40: Saved at cresent lake. going to sleep...

Apr.17 (Ok why does the robot in the waterfall take the cube when theres a robot in that room where the cube is where that robot could just gave the warriors the cube? "Oh, lets give the cube to the light warriors, but lets take the cube, and wait in the waterfall in a room with legendary treasure and high lvl monsters and wait for them there even though I can fly and just can search the world for them, and probley have radar too.....")
4:55: Back from golfing, dont ask how I did....
4:58: Damn croc's/hydras
4:59: Saved at the volcano
5:05: The armlet helps, but not enough
5:13: Like before, I lvl up to 32 in the volcano, Hp 466, SEL
5:20: Damn!
5:25: Damn!!
5:32: Damn!!!
5:37: DAMN!!!!! I think I need ruse, going to ice caves
5:43: Damn river creatures
5:52: Saved at the ice caves
5:55: Damn mindflayers
5:58: Damn mindflayers!
5:59: Damn undead square.... weird, never got an encounter that time....
6:03: Damn specters
6:08: Damn undead!
6:13: Damn undead square!
6:19: Fucking dark wizards (mages)
6:25: Damn specters
6:28: Damn specters!
6:35: Fuck! 1 space away from the eye and a cockatrice stoned me! :(
6:41: Yes! Killed the eye, got the levistone!
6:46: Wootness!!! Got out! saved
6:49: Lvl 33! Hp 473! AI+ 4 hits!
6:54: Got the Airship!!!
6:57: Bought the fairy
7:00: Got a ProRing and oxyale
7:04: Saved at the volcano, gonna try again.... but first, gonna eat
7:16: Back'ness
7:21: Grrr! Almost! I can kill her!
7:22: Whats the point of all these monsters attacking me if they're just going to run away?
7:28: Damn that bitch!
7:34: Damn it, why cant she use mostly spells like the other times?
7:41: YES! Shes dead!!!! Woo! Finally! L337 is me! saved
7:51: Saved at onlak...
7:55: L337 Gh0st Pwn3d m3 :(, screw the treasure, gonna go to waterfall
8:04: Lvl 34! Hp 480, SI, got out and saved
8:18: Got crap from waterfall, got out n saved!
8:20: Lvl 35! Hp 487, IEL
8:21: Saved at onlak
8:32: Got treasure from shrine, got out & saved! (omg I used &!)
8:43: Lvl 36! Hp 515, SAL
8:46: Got mage's staff
8:48:Got out and saved
8:58: Lvl 37! Hp 546, I
9:06: At Kraken, Lol Pwn3d! he didn't even hit me! I <3 Defender
9:14: Lvl 38! Hp 553, SE
9:15: Learned Lufenish
9:25: Got the bell
9:31: Saved at the inn
9:33: Saved at the mirage tower
9:36: Lvl 39! Hp 560, AIL
9:48: Damn vampires!
9:50: Lvl 39! Hp 560, AIL
9:58: Got out and saved
10:05: Lvl 40! Hp 567, SEL
10:06: Got the sunblade
10:12: Got out and saved
10:18: Lvl 41! Hp 574, AIE
10:22: WTF? I just fought 5 eyes in a row!
10:24: Lvl 42! Hp 582, SAL.... Damn! Im gaining lvl's like crazy
10:32: At the bridge.... made it to tiamat...
10:34: Kicked tiamat's ass! got out, saved, and going to watch TV...

Apr. 18 ( The eye guards the levistone right? so when you take it, wont he just move away? What the hell is he defending now? Ice?)
3:48: Gonna train on the eye.
3:56: Lvl 43! Hp 590, IL
3:59: Begin the eye killing spree
4:02: Lvl 44! Hp 598, SEL
4:06: Lvl 45! Hp 631, AI
4:12: Lvl 46! Hp 639, S
4:16: Lvl 47! Hp 667, IEL+ 5 hits!
4:20: Lvl 48! Hp 675, SAL
4:24: Lvl 49! Hp 683, I
4:28: Lvl 50!!! Hp 691, SIE
4:30: Got out and saved
4:31: Tent saved at ToC, Final Stats:
Str=37 Atk=74* Wpn=Masamune* Spells**: 1=Cure, Bolt, Fire
Agl=31 Acc=155* Shd= Protect cloak 2=Ice, Invis, Steel
Int=37 Def=51 Hlm= Ribbon 3=Bolt2, Fire2, Cure2
End=31 Eva=74 Arm=Diamond(Opel) Armlet 4=Ice2, Haste, Esuna
Luck=33 Glv= ProRing 5=Fire3, Cure3
* I dont have the masamune yet, but hint: Final stats
** All have 9 MP

4:41: Damn green dragons!
4:49: Damn green drag's
4:54: Killed the death eye
4:56: Damn zombie drag's/vampires
5:01: Open the plate
5:12: Killed the lich
5:22: Killed marilith
5:47: Went very slow in the water part, doing the ruse/heal helm trick... killed kraken
5:58: Got teh L337 Masamune
6:09: Killed tiamat
6:10: At Chaos... Yay! I Killed him! Wootness! First, I used ruse 3 times, then hasted, then stell 3 times, then cured a bit, then pwned him with the masamune!
End time: 6:16

Random facts:
- The creature I killed most was the winter wolf, I killed 149 of them (probley more though....)
- I died 126 times (ouch....) Ghast's killed me the most times (Damn ghast's!)
- Im too lazy right now to do the total time I have been playing... i think its near 32 hours...
- This was done in normal mode (Duh)

K, for my next journal, im going to try and finish the Impossible dream, A solo Theif journal (Theif, NOT a Ninja) Can It be done? but later, because I want to unlock everything on ff1, and beat ff2...