White Mage Journal
Ok, I could not find FFO ((PSX Version) Except in 1 pawn shop, but $60 bucks?!? yeah right) So I decided to clean my game and NES. Thanks to 14 swabs, rubbing alcohol, and a SMB/Duck hunt game, my NES runs so much better. The swabs didnt survive.... RIP swabs :'(..... Anyways... (Ps: The SMB/DH Game is fine)......

Da_Macsters Finished Solo Fighter Journal

Feb.16,2006 (And his journey (and 3 backpacks) begins)
11:12: Made a Fi,Th,Bb,Wm, party (the fighter is named "Mac" again)
11:15-17: Bought knives for "backpacks", bought Mac a rapier and chain mail, saved
11:18-23: Took awile, but killed off the backpacks, saved
11:26: Lvl 2! Hp 61, SAV (I got an email from some guy who didnt know what these mean (SAIVL) so S= Str; A= Agl; I= Int; V= Vit; L= Luck)
11:33: Lvl 3! Hp 86, SAVL
11:36: Saved in front of the Temple of Feinds, gonna take on Garland T3h N00b
11:37-39: on the way getting the cap, got mauled by wolves, couldn't run away :(
11:41: Got the cap, gonna take on garland
11:43: Lol, Pwn3d! He didnt even hit me, saved
11:46: Saved at Pravoka
11:49: Owned t3h pirates, Lvl 4! Hp 113, SAIL
11:50: Lol, all this time, i forgot to sell the knives. bought the short sword
11:55: Getting low on cash, can barly save now...
11:57: Owned! (and I mean Owned!) by a pair of ogres (how did that happend?)
11:58: Lvl 5! Hp 142, SAV
12:07: Lvl 6! Hp 167, SAIVL
12:13: Quick visit to the Dwarf Caves...
12:14: Sh!t, Eaten by sharks on the way back!
12:15-25: Note to self: I HATE ODDEYES! took 10 minutes to die!, I ate my lunch waiting though...(mmm, pizza pops)
12:32: Made it to the DC again
12:34: And eaten by sharks again...
12:3?: (forgot time there) Finally got money from DC and made it back, save.
12:47-1:00: God damn! I hate oddeyes so much! and my guy sucks at running! he had 5 chances to run! so i just had to kill them
1:02: Bought new armour at ElfLand, saved
1:05: Lvl 7! (friggin finally) Hp 194, SAIVL
1:17: Lvl 8! Hp 221, SAV
1:21: Saved, gonna take alittle break

2:20: Back
2:31: Lvl 9! Hp 248, SAIVL
2:32-38: I HATE ODDEYES!!!!1! take so long to kill
2:39: Got my new, shiny, silver sword!.... I like silver....
2:41: Saved!
2:42-53: God damn it! 2 Oddeyes and 6 sahags! cant I die any faster?, like cant I like take like a suicide pill or something? screw this, gonna train on the plains now.
3:01: Lvl 10! Hp 278, SAIVL
3:14-18: GEIST!?! Where the hell did they come from?!? did the slow stun death on me..... WTF?
3:22: Lvl 11! Hp 303, SAV
3:37: Lvl 12! Hp 308 (only 5 hp? Ripoff!) SAVL
3:38: Bought a crapload of heals/pures, saved
3:44-46: Man, My guy sucks at running and just got killed by a pack of great wolves :(
3:49: Saved in front of the marsh caves....
3:51-56: Why won't you run!? fine, ill just kill the damn ghouls...
3:59: Got to the, they were easy...
4:02: Woot! Got out safe and saved
4:06: Saved at the North-West Castle.
4:07: Erased
4:08: Wow, He only erased me once, I thought he was gonna do a rubbing spree like last time... ps: Crystal is mine!, Lvl 13! Hp 334, SAVIL.... Oh shit! im out of tents!, I have to walk back to ElfLand to save...
4:11: Yes, Made it after a close call with geist..... gonna watch TV....

7:18: That 70's Show rules! oh, and back....
7:21-45: Got the herb, Got the key, Raided ElfLand, Saved, Raided Coneria, Bought supplies, Realized I Forgot to raid NWC, Raided NWC, Open canel and Raided Dwarf Caves, Sold crap at Melmond, Saved.
7:49: Tent saved at the port of Cresent Lake.
7:51: Lvl 14! Hp 364, SAIV
7:53: Bought new armour and supplies, saved
8:00: Lvl 15! Hp 370, SAVL
8:07: Lvl 16! Hp 397, SAIL, Tired, gonna sleep.

Feb. 17 ( I swear, I think Rubies are like drugs to the Titan)
9:52: back, gonna lvl up more
10:03: Lvl 17! Hp 428, SAV
10:10: Lvl 18! Hp 435, SAVL
10:18: Lvl 19! Hp 465, SAIL
10:27: Lvl 20! Hp 493, SAIV
10:30-38: Great, on the way to Melmond, I get attacked by 1 oddeye and what do I do? I try to run, and he failed (-_-) and now Im stunned forever! why dosen't it just drown me?..... OMFG GO AWAY!!!!..... fine ill just reset.... (ps: counts as a death )-:
10:42: Yay, made it this time, saved
10:46: Tent saved at the Earth Cave
10:49: Stoned
10:53: Made it to the vampire, healed
10:54: Killed him (but damn, his critical's hurt like hell) got the ruby, healed
10:59: Wootness! got out and saved
11:03: Got the rod
11:07: Saved in front of the EC, gonna take a break

4:30: Back
4:33: Lvl 21! Hp 500 (*sigh*) SAIVL
4:36: Made it to the (evil?) Plate
4:38: Healed in front of Lich's ball....
4:41: Shit! So close, but died :(
4:45: Lvl 21! (again) Hp 500, SIVL, at the plate again
4:49: made it to the ball again, healed
4:50: Victory is mine!
4:53-57: Got the canoe, bought supplies, saved, gonna do something else...

Feb. 18 (Wait, if a sword of ice is stored inside a volcano, won't it melt?)
9:30: Back (I should stop saying "back" but i can't think of anything else to say.... something about breakfast?)
9:34: Lvl 22! Hp 530, SAIL
9:46: Lvl 23! Hp 562, SAV
9:57: Saved at the Volcano
10:05: Woo! Lvl 24! Hp 570, SVL and 4 hits!
10:07: Got ice sword and flame shield!
10:10: Got the Flame mail!
10:12: At Kary's ball, shes going down!
10:14: I <3 my new ice sword
10:17: Saved at Cresent Lake, gonna take a break from this.....

March 12 ( Mages + Sorcerers + Eye's - ProRing or Ribbon = Need new pants)
Wow, Its almost a month since I last played this... let me see... rock on.... Ice Caves is next.... woo...
8:56: Woot! Lvl 25! Hp 578, SAIL
9:00: I'm lost....
9:05: Still lost....
9:07: Thats it, im getting a map.... damn, I have to go back to pravoka....
9:16: Lvl 26! Hp 608, SAVL
9:19: Finally, I made it, saved...... For a scary ass place, why does this have such happy music?
9:21: Note to self: cant run from Frost Giants
9:23: Survived the undead square
9:25: Damn, erased by mages
9:31: At the Eye.... Woot, killed it, got the floater.
9:33: No! Sorcerers killed me :(
9:36: Lol, wizards are running away
9:38: Killed the Eye again, got Floater
9:40: YES!!! GOT OUT!!! WOOT!! PARTY!! saved
9:44: Got the Airship *drool*
9:46: Got a ProRing
9:47: Got the Bottle
9:50: Got the Oxyale
9:55: Saved at Onrac
10:03: Made it to the mermaids, got bunch of opal crap and slab
10:09: Wow Ghost's hurt like hell, I died in seconds
10:15: Got the treasure again...
10:16: And died by ghost again....
10:20: Treasure..
10:30: After many (and long) Sahag battles, made it out and saved, gonna take a break of that kit kat bar...

6:08: Woo! just got back and already Lvl 27! Hp 616, SVL
6:12: Saved at the Waterfall
6:16: Got the Cube and treasure (Defence, Ribbon, Wizard's Staff)
6:21: Got out and saved
6:22: Lvl 28! Hp 624, SAIVL
6:26-33: Sold crap at Coneria, bought supplies, and saved
6:34: Went to Dr.Unne to learn Lefenish
6:36: Saved at Onrac
6:39: Got the Mage Staff and Light Axe I missed
6:41: Thank god for the Axe, saved me from ghost
6:45: Lvl 29! Hp 653, SAVL. Got out, saved, gonna play some Halo 2

Mar. 13 (Oh no'es! Ink! Omg H4x0r!)
11:06: Gonna kill Kraken....
11:17: Wow, 3 Waters almost finished me....
11:19: At Kraken's ball....
11:21: Pff, Waters are harder, And Lvl 30! Hp 662, SVL. Now off to Lefein, then the tower to get the Sun Sword!
11:28: Wow almost slaughtered on the way to Lefein, gonna train on the eye
11:36: :O I just realized, I forgot to save! gotta get out.
11:40: Got out and saved
11:42: Lvl 31! Hp 671, SAIVL
11:47: Frost Dragons!?! WTF their a random encounter?
11:48: Made it to the Eye
11:51: Lvl 32! Hp 703, SV and 5 Hits!
11:54: Lvl 33! Hp 713, SAIL
11:59: Lvl 34! Hp 723, SAIV
12:02: Lvl 35! Hp 754, SAL, gonna get out and save
12:05: Got out, saved, gonna watch TV or something...

4:05: Back, going to Lefein
4:09: Got the Chime
4:11-14: Went to Coneria, bought supplies, and saved
4:16: Saved at the tower
4:20: Lvl 36! Hp 764, SV
4:28: Finished raiding the tower...
4:31: Got out and saved! Woot! Sun Sword!
4:32: Wow ever the mighty Tyro runs now :)
4:33: Lvl 37! Hp 774, SAIVL
4:34-36: Sold crap at coneria, saved
4:38: Saved at the tower
4:42: Killed the Blue Dragon, going to the Sky Castle
4:46: WTF!!! THE EYE IS HERE?!? didnt know that....
4:50: At warmech's bridge *gasp*
4:51: Died on a huge group of sorcerers :'(
4:54: Made it to the Sky Castle part again
4:57: At the bridge again...
4:58: Halfway.....
4:59: Made it! Tiamat is going down!
5:01: Wow he was actually stronger than i expected, took me down to 93hp healed ( could get attacked by Warmech on the way to the shrine, can't be too careful...)
5:02: got out and saved, gonna do something else

Mar.14 (The day Garland becomes L337)
10:30: Back, going to train on the Eyes. Also im going to try and finished this today
10:32: Lvl 38 already! Hp 806, SV
1040: Made it to the Eye
10:41: Lvl 39! Hp 817, SAL
10:44: Lvl 40! Hp 828, SAIV
10:47: Lvl 41! Hp 863, SAV and 6 hits!!!
10:49: Lvl 42! Hp 863, SAI
10:52: WTF!?! I took 1 step away from the eye, got attacked by 3 mages, they get first strike, 1st one fails to rub, 2nd one attacks, and the 3rd one does rub also, AND IT ERASES ME!!! WTF HAPPEND TO THE PRORING??? did like the one that attack me knocked it off or something? now im back to 37 :'(
10:56: On the way to the eye, Lvl 38! Hp 807, SIV
11:01: At the eye again
11:03: Lvl 39! Hp 818, SAL
11:06: Lvl 40! Hp 829, SIV
11:09: Lvl 41! Hp 862, SA and 6 Hits!
11:12: Lvl 42! Hp 873, SAI, gonna go out and save
11:14: Saved
11:21: Made it to the eye again
11:23: Lvl 43! Hp 884, SAI
11:25: Lvl 44! Hp 917, SV
11:29: Lvl 45! Hp 928, SA
11:32: Lvl 46! Hp 939, SAV, Gonna go out and save again
11:36: Saved!
11:37: Wow 7 Wizards, all ran :)
11:42: Eye Killing Spree Begins!
11:44: Lvl 47! Hp 974, SAV
11:47: Lvl 48! Hp 986, S (just strength?)
11:50: Lvl 49! Hp 998 (aww, just 1 hp away from max...) SA
11:53: Lvl 50!!!!! Hp 999 (Woot! 1 Hp gain!) S, now to get out!
11:56: Saved at Coneria, gonna take a lunch break.
12:50: Back, going to buy heals
12:53: Saved at the Temple of Fiends: Heres my stats and stuff like that

Str: 69 Dmg: 66
Agl: 43 Hit%: 187
Int: 43 Absorb: 55
Vit: 44 Evade: 88
Luck: 31 (kinda sad when your a fighter and you have more Int. than Luck)

E-Sun Sword E-Opal Bracelet
Defence E-Flame Shield
Thor Hammer E-Ribbon
Mage Staff E-ProRing

Here we go! 2000 years ago!

1:00 Killed the Phantom, at the plate.....
OMFG I NEVER GOT THE LUTE!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!one!!!!!1! OMG OMG OMG! none wow.... you think all those times healing I would see that it wasent there.... Now im trapped forever! unless..... *resets*
1:02: Ok, GOT the lute this time.... -_-
1:04: Killed the phantom again, open the plate
1:09: At the Lich..... hes dead
1:12: At Kary..... Shes dead
1:18: At Kraken.... dead, but now I have a problem, Im at the air floor, but I only have 9 heals left *gasp* so I can A) Skip Masmune and have more hp for Chaos, or B) Get the Masmune
1:26: I picked B (ps: im at now 90 damage and 206 (i think) hit%) and now fighting Tiamat with 514 p left and no more heals... killed it with 418 hp left
1:28: Now at L337 Garland (Chaos) With 324 hp left (Damn Worms) This is the Final battle with just below 1/3 of my hp left... lets hope it goes well

Chaos uses Ice3, 69 Dmg, Mac uses Defence
Chaos uses Lit3, 34, Mac uses Defence
Chaos attacks, missed, Mac uses Defence
Mac attacks, 7 hits, 405, Chaos uses Slo2, missed
Chaos attacks, missed, Mac attacks, 4 hits, 325
Mac attacks, 5 hits, 658, Chaos uses Cur4 (bastard)
Chaos uses Fir3, 35, Mac attacks, 6 hits, 825
Chaos uses Crack, missed, Mac attacks, 4 hits, 166
Mac attacks, 4 hits, 378, Chaos attacks, missed
Mac attacks, 4 hits, 488, Chaos attacks, missed
Mac attacks, ? hits, 5?? damage (wasn't looking), Chaos Dies!!! WOOT!!!!
Had 186hp left!
Ending: 1:42

Wow, Just in time too, When "Writing" The End Sign, My game glitched and frozed!!! whew.... Its a miracle I beat Chaos with 1/3 of my hp left when fighting him (wow, Garland is so sad) I will probley do another journal, but not on the NES, It still cant be relied on...

Random Facts:

-Like last time, it was like this

- I Died 19 times (including that time I had to reset because I forgot the Lute -_-)..... wow, I died alot less from my last journal....
PS: I actually died 35 times on my unfinished journal

-Total time playing: 14:37 over 6 days (not including that HUGE gap between Feb.18 and Mar.12)

- I never went to the Castle of Ordeal or the Dragon Islands

-This is my first time BEATING FF1 (ever)

Special Thanks:

-Final Fantasy, Square Soft/Enix: For making a kick-ass game series
-Game FAQ's: For helping on my first time playing FF1 (first time, didnt know how to equip, and got owned by imps :(
-Final Fantasy Origins: For helping me with stuff i didnt know, maps, and inspired me to make a journal of my own.
PS: cant wait for white mage journal 2

Next Solo Journal is probley going to be a solo red mage.... or a Duo Theif party...or something unique and never done before... we'll see