White Mage Journal
Da_Macsters Solo Black Mage Journal
(Now With ScreenShots from FCEU!)

May 12, 2006

3:59: Started my "Quest"
4:00: Bought crap and spells, saved
4:03: Damn, everyone died :(

4:06: Yay, them dead now!

4:08: another victory! saved
4:10:"Monsters strike first" is a bitch
4:11: Me=Dead
4:12: Me=Dead again
4:13: Ditto
4:14:Lvl 2! Hp47, IV, saved
4:17: Killed 5 imps!
4:19:Damn.... Close to killing 5 imps, but died
4:23: Omg! Kinda sad that your dying from imps!
4:24: Finally, killed some imps, saved
4:25: Dead again
4:26: Kill imps, saved
4:32: Lvl 3, But only got 1 more hp...
4:34: Died! Yay!
4:35: And again, 1 hp gain, died
4:36: damn, died
4:37: Aw screw it! Ill take the damn 1hp gain! Lvl 3!Hp48, AIV, saved, gonna take a break

6:35: Back, I gotta Fight 2 battles IN A ROW because im low on cash *Gasp*
6:38: Died :(
6:39: Killed 5 imps, saved
6:40: Died
6:45: Meh, right now isnt a good time, takng a break
7:18: Back
7:19: Dead'ness
7:22: Dead
7:22: Dead again, god bless the turbo button
7:23: Died
7:24: arggg!!! Died again
7:25: Finally, killed some imps, saved
7:26: ^^ see above ^^
7:28: 3 in a row! saved again
7:29: Almost died from 5... saved
7:31: :( died
7:31: Died again
7:33: Man I died so much, AND IM NOT EVEN AT LVL 4 YET!
7:35: YES! Lvl 4! Hp69, SIL, saved
7:36: Want to go to the ToF, But I only got 20 bucks to my name, cant afford a tent :(
7:40: An imp got a lucky cricital and killed me :(
7:43: :o I just went 2 battles in a row and live! Im now 12 bucks richer!
7:45: Did it again! another $12 richer!
7:47: Same as above
7:52: Damn! died!
7:58: Saved, gonna take a break or stop for the night

May 13
10:04: Back
10:05: Dead :(
10:11: Died 2 more times and then got pwn3d by a first strike :(
10:14: Damn, it happened again!
10:35: Wow, sorry I was away for a bit....
10:41: After many battles later, finally died :(
10:44: Lvl 5! Hp70, IV, saved and took a break
3:18: Back
3:24: Damn died
3:25: Almost killed 5 imps, but the last one got a lucky cricital
3:29: Arg! died again
3:30: I cant belive that I have seen the day when imps become HARD!
3:32: Omg! died again
3:34: Another lucky cricital! Fuck!
3:37: Im getting really tired of this
3:38: OMFG! I died so many times, hevean is probley full by now!
3:40: Bullshit! I hate fucking lucky cricitals!
3:44: I am going NOWHERE!
3:52: Died again :'(
3:54: Died another time
3:56: Bought 3 tents, saved
3:57: I step, I step from saving and I get murdered by Bones with first strike
3:59: Saved at the ToF
4:00: Pack of wolves, Didnt stand a chance in hell
4:01: Got the cap, got out and saved!
Time to take on Garland Teh N00b
4:03: Got pwned Pwned by Garland Teh N00b :(
Did better this time, saved
4:07: Woot, made it to pravoka! saved
4:09: Need money, goona kill stuff. also died
4:10: PWN3D by 2 ogres
4:12: I <3 creeps, killed 2
Killed by pirates?!? The shame!
4:16: Died from ponies
4:17: Died from wolves
4:17: Damn lizard
4:18: Damn imps/wolves
4:18: Damn creeps
4:18: Damn ponies
4:19: Damn imps/wolves
4:20: Lvl 6! Hp92, SAIL, saved. Gonna take a break, getting pissed

May 13
2:26: Back, time to die alot!
2:27: Dead
2:28: Dead again
2:29: Dead#3
2:29: :(
2:30: Omg, I havent killed anything so far!
2:30: Pwned by ogres
2:31: Finally, killed 2 GrImps
2:32: BS! Got attacked on the way back (like 2 squares) and died
2:32: Wow I died 8 times in 6 minutes!
2:33: And dead again
2:35: Kileld a creep and a lizard, bought gloves! saved
2:36: Tried pirates again, manage to kill 2 this time!
2:37: Dead
2:37: Died so many times, its not funny anymore
2:38: Yes! Killed an ogre! Im super rich!
2:39: Then got pwned by an ogre :(
2:40: Damn lizard
2:40: Damn ponies
2:41: Killed a creep and a lizard, saved
2:42: Then lizard killed me :(, taking a break

6:26: Back'ness
6:27: Mauled by ponies
6:27: Eaten by creeps
6:28: PWN3D BY L337 0GR3!!!11!1!
6:29: Mauled by wolves
6:30: Ouch! Got killed by a Lizard, I think they hack....
6:33: Killed by ponies
6:33: Damn ponies!
6:34: There is a god!!! Just killed an ogre!
6:35: Damn lucky ass lizards!
6:36: Eaten by a creep
6:38: Fucking lizards!
6:39: Mauled by ponies!
6:41: Killed by an ogre
6:44: Yay! Lvl7! Hp94, SIV, Saved
6:46: Damn ogre!
6:47: Damn wolves!
6:48: Damn wolves!
6:49: Damn wolves!!!
6:50: Damn hacking lizard!
6:50: Damn Wolves!!!!
6:57: Damn wolves!!!!!
6:58: Got Pwned by ponies
6:59: Damn ogres!
6:59: Eaten by creeps
7:00: Damn lizard!
7:01: Fucking lizard!
7:02: Damn wolves!!!
7:03: Damn ponies
7:05: Damn creeps
7:10: Back
7:10: Murdered by wolves/imps
How the *uck did this happen?
7:15: Mauled by wolves
7:17: Eaten by creeps
7:18: Damn lizard!
7:19: Damn creep!
7:20: Damn wolves
7:20: Damn Ponies!
7:23: Eaten by creeps
7:25: Damn wolves!
7:26: Damn lizard!
7:27: Damn creeps!
7:27: Damn creeps!
7:28: Damn ogre!
7:29: Damn creeps!
7:30: Damn ponies!
7:30: Damn wolves!
7:30: Damn creeps!
7:31: Damn ogre!
7:33: Damn ponies!
7:34: Damn creeps!
7:34: Damn creeps!
7:35: Damn creeps!
7:36: Damn lizard!
7:36: Damn wolves!
7:37: Damn lizard!
7:38: Damn creeps!
7:38: Damn wolves!
7:39: Damn lizard!
7:40: Damn wolves!!!
7:42: Lvl 8! Hp121, SIL
7:51: Damn, tried the pirates again
7:52: And again
7:52: And again.... Screw it, I give up! I'll have more fun doing a solo theif journal (Which I orignially planed...)
(Edit: Augest 4th, 2006: Wow I cant belive how wrong I was about the whole "fun'ness" thing, the STJ almsot drived me to insainity!)
OMG!!!! ITS A MOTHERS DAY MIRACLE!!!! damn I was on the brink of giving up, I was gonna try 1 more time to get a screenshot of being killed by the pirates, But they missed alot and got no cricitals!!! Bought ice and saved
7:59: Damn Kyzoku's! gonna take a break.

9:35: Back
9:36: Damn Kyzoku's
9:37: Damn sahags
9:37: Saved at coneria
9:40: Wow already im $500 richer
9:42: Damn kyzoku's
9:44: Damn shark
9:44: Damn Red sahag
9:45: Damn sahag's
9:47: Damn shark/red sahag
9:51: Back.
9:52: Damn red sahag
9:53: Lvl 9! Hp123, AIV
9:56: Damn oddeyes!
9:57: Damn sahag's
10:01: Damn oddeyes
10:03: Damn sahag's

Spells n Stats! as you can see, I got Lit2
10:07: Damn shark!
10:13: Lit2 makes life so much easier!
10:15: Lvl 10! Hp125, SIL
10:17: Danm oddeyes with their stun -__-
10:20: Bought Fir2, Large knife, and a copper bracelet. Saved. now is a good time to quit

May 15
7:33: Back
7:44: Damn shark
7:45: I hate stun!
7:47: Lvl 11! Hp 148, I
7:48: Fucking oddeyes!
7:50: Gotta do something else, be back later

May 16
2:19: Back
2:22: Bought 59 heals
2:25: Lvl 12! Hp150, AIV
2:30: Have I told you how much I hate stun?
2:31: Fucking stun!
2:36: Woo! Money! $600! I <3 Kyzoku's
2:40: Bought rest of heals, 23 pures, and 6 tents
2:41: Lvl 13!, Hp152, SAIV
2:43: Saved at the marsh cave
2:45:Damn Ghouls!
2:47: Damn wizards, 1 more turn and I would have won....
2:47: BULLSHIT! as soon as I got in, got killed by ghouls!
2:49: Almost killed 2 wizards, but the last one killed me :(
2:51: Fucking ghouls!
2:52: Fucking ghouls!!
2:54: 4 wizards, didnt stand a chance
2:56: 3 wizards, almost
2:57: Killed by gargoyles
2:59: OUCH! GOT KILLED IN 1 HIT BY THE WIZARDS!!! tried to get a screenshot, but I was too slow....
3:01: Damn crawl!
3:03: See above
3:04: See above
Woo! Crown is mine!
3:08: NOOOO!!!!!! Got killed by crawls on the way out :(
3:10: A mick did 98 dmg to me on a cricital!
3:11: Fucking stun! Getting extreamly pissed, gonna take a break
5:44: Back
5:45: Damn ghouls!
5:47: Damn wizards!
5:49: Damn wizards! The last one killed me :(
5:51: 4 Wizards, at least I took 1 with me :)
5:53: Woo! Kill teh wizards!
5:55: Damn mucks and their damn cricitals!
5:57: Damn crawl!
5:58: Damn ghouls!
6:00: Extreamly lucky! got 4 wizards, but Lit2 killed 3 of them off the bat!
6:01: 2nd floor....
6:02: 1st.....
6:02: YES!!!! GOT OUT!!!! woot party!!!! saved
I noticed that he gives you the crystal BEFORE the fight.... I wonder why...
6:10: Erased
6:11: Erased
6:11: Erased
6:12: Erased
6:12: Erased
6:13: Erased
6:13: Erased
6:15: Woo Hoo!

6:17: Damn oddeyes, got away in about a minute though
6:19: Got Herb!
6:22: Yay! Got teh key!
6:24: Got teh TNT!
6:28: Raided Dwarf Caves
6:32: Saved at melmond, gonna take a short break.
6:51: Ok back, going to cresent lake!
6:53: Lvl 14! Hp178, IVL
6:54: Damn, died by a troll, luckly I saved after I got my lvl!
6:57: Damn pede's!
6:58: Got pwned by trolls and bulls
6:59: Got pwned by pede's
7:01: Damn Giants!
7:02: Damn scorpions
7:02: Damn trolls
7:02: Damn Giant!
7:03: Lvl 15, Hp181, AI, Have to stop... gotta do some homework :(

May 17
5:51: Back
5:53: Damn Giants
5:54: Damn troll!
5:55: Damn Troll! Got a lucky cricital!
5:57: Lvl 16! Hp 184, SIVL
5:58: Damn pede!
5:59: Damn bulls
6:01: Fucking troll cricitals!!!
6:03: Damn giants
6:08: Got Fir3, saved
6:07: Damn ghouls!
6:08: Damn ghouls!
6:10: Saved at the earth cave
6:12: Damn geist's!
6:14: Damn geist's!!
6:15: Fucking stoning coctrice's!
6:17: Damn wizards!
6:20: Damn vampire killed me :(
6:22: Damn ghouls!!
6:25: OUCH!!! Vampire cricitals hurt like hell!!!
6:26: Damn wizards
6:29: Pwn3d!!!

6:32: 2nd floor....
6:33: Made it out!!! saved!!!
6:34: Got the rod!
6:36: Saved, gonna play some half life 2

7:31: Back, but I got school in like.... 20 minutes, so I have to be quick.
7:34: Damn trolls!!
7:36: Damn pede's
7:37: Damn trolls!
7:38: Lvl 17! Hp187, IL
7:39: Damn troll!
7:42: Damn pede's
7:43: Damn giants!
7:44: Lvl 18! Hp213, AIVL. Gotta get ready for school :(
3:00: Back from school, there was an accident near our school today. other than that, it was a normal day
3:05: Oh, and nobody got hurt BTW...
3:06: Lvl 19! Hp216, SAI
3:09: Damn pede's
3:10: Damn Giant's
3:13: Damn pede's
3:14: Lvl 20! Hp219, SIV. Got Lit3
3:18: Damn trolls!
3:21: Lvl 21! Hp223, SAIL
3:23: Fucking trolls/Bulls!
3:27: Damn giants!
3:29: How did I die from cobra's?
3:32: Damn giants
3:33: Lvl 22! Hp248, SAIL. Gonna take on Lich now.
3:38: Restocked on heals, pures, and tents
3:40: Saved at the earth cave
3:42: So far so good.... at the evil plate
3:43: Damn wizards!
3:45: Fucking geist's!!!
3:47: Fucking geist's!!!
3:48: Fucking geist's!!!
3:52: At the Lich...
And hes dead!, too slow to get pic :( killed it with 2 fir3's
3:56: Got canoe from cresent lake. saved and quit

May 20
10:30: Back
10:36: Saved at the ice cave...
10:39: Got to the eye but got XXXXed :(
10:40: Damn wizards!
10:41: Wizards, First strike, Didnt stand a chance in hell... Hold up, wizards can get first strike?
10:42: Damn wraith's!
10:45: Got Pwnt by Frost Dragons
10:47: Damn sorcerers
10:49: Damn wraiths
10:51: Got the floater!

10:53: YES!!!!!!!!! GOT OUT!!!!! saved!
10:56: G0t teh airship!!!1
10:57: Raided the dragons islands
11:03: Got a ProRing!
11:05: Restocked on heals
11:07: Saved at the Castle of Ordeal
11:09: Damn sorcerers!
I dont get this guy.... Its impossible NOT to get the crown before getting here... plus you can dosent block the entrence so you can just pass him, get the tail, then talk to him. in fact you could even have the class change and then talk to him. at least he wishes you luck...
11:13: Damn mancat's!
11:15: Fucking sorcerers appear everytime I get the heal staff and kill me
11:20: Woot! Got the gold bracelet and zeus gauntlet! saved
11:23: Lvl 23! Hp252, SIL
11:29: Damn kary kicked my ass! ok... Slo2 helps alot because it only limits to 1 hit, but i need Conf bad!
11:33: Got Conf! saved
11:35: Ok, Conf dosent work as well as I planned, but it works almost every time, just that she like recovers almost everytime
11:38: Damn this plan isnt working!... maybe I should just skip Kary for now...
11:40: Saved at onlac. gonna eat lunch.
12:20: Back, I just realized that Stun could probley kick kary's ass. Oh well... off to the waterfall
12:24: How nice of the robot, he was right up against the door so I dont have to fight the monsters to get teh cube... but I have to get the treasure anyways....
12:28: Got out and saved
12:29: Damn gators!
12:33: Got Stun, saved
12:35: Stun is horrible!!! got my ass owned by Kary
12:38: Wow damn cricitals!!! not even ruses can stop her....
Ok new plan, cast slow right away, and hope it hits
12:47: The battle took forever but shes dead now. Slow worked and I just confused her ass so she just bitched slapped herself for 6-10 dmg a turn for the whole fight! ran out of strong spells so had to use zeus for 16-30 dmg a turn. I wanted a pic of her killing herself :) but maybe next time.
12:50: HOLY FUCK! I just came so close to dying! got attacked by a Grey Worm on the way to the shrine and attacked me for 53 dmg! (had 86 hp left) luckly I ran....
12:55: Went eye training. need money and Exp
12:56: Squint worked!!! SQUINT!?! Fucking bullshit! screw the eye, going to FP
12:58: Damn ZomBulls
1:01: Damn zombulls! not working, need something else... waterfall?
1:02: Got teh bottle
1:04: Got oxyale
1:05: Went back to FP to get pwned by giants
1:06: Damn you tyro!
1:09: For no reason, got the power staff
1:12: Lvl 24! Hp 256, AIVL. saved at onlac
1:15: Went into the water shrine, got pwned by ghosts!
yeah.... anyways got treasure and crap.
1:20: As soon as I got out of the mermaid's place (like 1 step) got pwned by ghosts!
1:24: OMG! why do ghost's always appear after I get the opal crap?
1:28: Yay! made it out and saved!
1:30: Got Ice3, saved and quit
7:57: Backness
8:03: Damn waters!
8:06: Damn!

Too tired right now, ill try again tommorow

May 21
4:03: Trying again
4:06: Damn waters!
4:09: Damn waters!!!
4:13: Wootness!!!

4:15: Lvl 25! Hp260, SIL
4:16: Learned Lefenish Saved, Have to do something...
7:00: Back finally
7:01: Got the chime
7:10: Went Eye leveling
Lvl 26! Hp286, AIL
7:13: Lvl 27! Hp290, SAI. Got out and saved
7:18: Back
7:22: Lvl28! Hp294, SIV
7:26: Lvl29! Hp298, SI
7:27: BULLSHIT!!!! Got stoned by the eye!!!
7:29: Damn sorcerers, even when your maxed out, they still scare you.
7:33: Lvl 28! Hp 294, SIVL
7:35: Lvl 29! Hp 298, IVL
7:37: BULLSHIT #2!!!!!!!1!!!11!!! Got killed by a Frost Giant!
7:40: Damn vampires!
7:44: Damn BlueD
7:49: Ok my enulator is kinda messed.... when I move, the floor on the sky castle changes green... got the bane sword, the key to killing Tiamat, because im too weak to kill him normaly
7:56: Damn, Bane didnt work :(
7:57: Damn blueD.... I gotta get that mage staff I forgot from the water shrine
8:01: Got the mage staff and got out
8:08: Damn Tiamat
8:11: Damn BlueD!
8:16: Damn sourcers
8:20: Oh shit! this aint good....

Wow, I just got Pwn3d with a capital 3. Also I was at full Hp too, he got first strike

8:25: Damn BlueD
8:29: Damn airs!
8:33: Damn tiamat.... does bane even work?
8:40: Damn sorcerers!
8:45: Wootness! bane worked on tiamat!
Plus Lvl 28! Hp294, SI
8:47: Saved at coneria. gonna stop for the night.
9:02: Meh, I have time to level up
9:07: I really think Ice giants hack...
9:13: Lvl 29! Hp 298, I
9:15: Lvl 30! Hp 325, AIL
9:17: Got Stoned by a coctrice!! OMG H4X0RZ!!! Fuck, something like this always happens!!! back at lvl 28 :(. gonna take a break, look up other good Spots to level up.... the waterfall?
9:33: WTF? It happend again! Stoned by a coctrice!! Is my ribbon broken or something? screw this, gonna stop for the night...

May 22
11:57: Back, time to level up 22 levels!
Lvl 29! Hp 298, IV
Lvl 30! Hp 324, AIL
Lvl 31! Hp 328, SIL. Now to get out!
12:14: Got out and saved
12:24: Lvl 32! Hp 332, IV
12:28: The shame!!1 Pwn3d by GrMedusa's!
12:30: restocked on heals
12:34: Got the black robe I forgot, now I con go backwards but have to deal with that stupid BlueD again or I can go forwards but might get killed by stupid WarMech. going forwards
12:37: got out and saved, now to get thor's hammer
12:40: Lvl 33! Hp 337, AIL
12:41: Got out n saved!
12:47: Lvl 34! Hp 342, SIL
12:48: OMG HAX!!! Eye stoned me! Gonna eat something...
3:26: Back
3:30: Damn mummy wizards!
3:36: WTF? How did this happen?

3:37: Need a new spot, brb
3:55: Water temple? that could work....
3:56: Died :(
3:59: Died again
4:00: Lvl 34! Hp 342, SIL
4:03: The water temple is perfect! Its basicly the "basement" of onrac, so I dont have to worry about my spells!
4:06: Lvl 35! Hp 369, AIVL
4:11: Lvl 36! Hp 374, AIVL
4:16: Lvl 37! Hp 379, SAI
4:20: K, i just noticed something. waters are strong against Lit but weak against ice... weird...
4:23: Lvl 38! Hp 384, IL
4:28: Lvl 39! Hp 389, AI
4:33: Lvl 40! Hp 394, SIV
4:35: A grShark got a lucky cricital and killed me :(
4:36: Lvl 40! Same as above+Agl
4:40: Lvl 41! Hp 423, IL
4:45: Lvl 42! Hp 428, IL
4:50: Lvl 43! Hp 433, I
4:54: Lvl 44! Hp 438, IV
4:57: Stupid sharks with lucky cricitals!
5:12: Lvl 45! Hp 444, IL
5:16: Lvl 46! Hp 450, SIL, taking a break, Tired from gaining levels...
7:48: back from break,
7:52: Lvl 47! Hp 456, SI
7:56: Lvl 48! Hp 462, IVL
8:02: Lvl 49! Hp 468, IL
8:06: Lvl 50!!! Hp 474, IL.... Shit... my Bm is below average Hp.... Meh, ill be ok...
8:11: Final Stats

*Havent got Masmune yet

Lets a go!
8:16: Damn Gas dragons!
8:21: Ouch!!! Got Nucked by Lich. gonna stop for the night....

May 23,
5:10: Im probley not gonna finish this tonight, because I got stuff to do. I made up a strategy for the ToF:Past while I was at school today...
-Ruse, then mage staff Phantom
-Ruse, then Fir3 and hope Lich dies
-Ruse 2-3 times, then Ice3 Kary's ass
-Ruse 3 times, Then Lit3 Kraken and hopes he dies
-Ruse 2-3 times, Fast, then Pwn Tiamat with masmune
-Ditto with Chaos and hope he dies....
Lets hope it works later
7:27: Screw it, I have some time to kill....
7:29: 4 GasD's, no chance in hell
7:34: So far so good, killed Lich
7:36: Almost killed Kary :( I more try
7:38: Pwnt by Gas Dragons. gonna try tommorow'

May 24
4:23: Lets get this shit over with...
4:24: Damn GasD's!
4:31: survived against Lich
4:34: Kary took awile, but I got her
4:39: Kraken almost got my, but I got lucky (phew)
I went against my wil to use a save state. but im just so pissed off and gotten so far I just dont wanna die and be sent back so far so I just save stated the begining of the "air" floor....
4:43: Teh sword of L337ness

4:46: This is why I save stated.... Titmat got in a lucky 230 something cricital and finished me off with spells :(
4:49: Got masmune back!
4:56: Oh shit!

I forgot to equip my sword of L337ness!!!
Died, N00b is me :(
5:02: PWN3D T14M47!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!1!1!!!!11!!1!!!one!!!!!
5:03: BS!!!!!1!1!!!1!11!!!!2!!!three!!!!! FU(|<1NG W0URM5!!!!1!!11
5:04: OMG fucking worms!!! screw it, ill try later....
5:28: Back
5:31: Damn tiamat, but I sinned again... I save stated....
5:34: Damn worms
5:36: Oh noes!!

516 dmg=Dead
5:39: Saved stated again, I just want this shit over with
5:40: Damn!
5:41: Damn!!!
5:42: Damn1!!
5:43: Damn!!!
5:45: Wootness!!!

Well that was fun, I wanted to do an unsave-stated one, just wanted to finish ASAP. The next one is gonna be a Solo Theif Quest....

Intresting Note: This was just a "Test" Journal to see if my Emulator is running fine... I was orignally planned to do a Solo Thief first but its been untested and of my emulater crashed, I would be super pissed...

Edit by Da, Augest 4th: This journal orignally had alot of pics,(thats why in the Solo Thief, I say in the begining about being "Pic Crazy".) Too much for its own good (around like 130) This is actually a "shaved" version to save memory. Plus think of the load times!!

Made in Lefien!