White Mage Journal

This is the journal of a Single White Mage who

set out to save the world....


Created Gnor AAAA AAAA AAAA a 4 white mage party.


Bought basic equip and spells for Gnor ONLY.


First battle - 5 imps


Fled first battle - Equiped Gnor - Put Gnor in 4th position


Party died on second battle - Didnít save, so starting over.


Created AAAA AAAA AAAA Gnor a 4 white mage party.


Bought equip/spells and EQUIPED THEM - and saved


Redefine keyboard input and took a necessary break before first battle.


First battle after 2 and Ĺ laps around Coneria (wow, thatís a lot!)


Ran from first battle

I took some damage, but I almost killed them - The wrong outcome.


Gnor LIVES!! And AAAA and AAAA and AAAA dies. Man those imps are tough! J

Gnor lives with 5 hp, and Iím heading for the inn.

Less frequent updates from here.


Gnor getís level 2 after the 3 most SUSPENSEFUL battles of my life. And 4 inn visits.


Level 3 - quitting for dinner.

MAAAAAAN imps are hard.


Forgot to log back in, been fighting imps for maybe 10 minutes.


Level 4 - about 5 minutes ago.


Level 5 a while back, adventure to Temple of Fiends after buying 6 heal potions (360 g)

I got the cap, and walked immediately out, back to Coneria. Survived with 4 hp remaining and 1 heal potion left. BUT I DOUBLED MY ABSORB! This is a sad sad sad tale.


Started my attempt at garland. Started off with 3 ruse, then my last heal potion, and a cure spell. So I got no spells, I got no potions, and I got no hope, but he also canít hit me, and it seems to be going well (other than I do like 1-3 damage per hit, and hit once per five misses).


SUCCESS! Garland is dead - first try. He was easier than that creep I fought earlier!

WOO HOO, More armor here I come!


And so their [her?] Journey begins! (Iím on the bridge)


An iguana killed me a few steps after the bridge, had to load from save L


And so their journey..... uh..... begins??


Oh the humanity. Killed by a horde of imps. Critical hits everywhere, it was HORRIBLE!


Began my journey again.....

Ran away from that stupid iguana....


FOUR MADPONYís with a head start, there was never a chance....

Iím gonna have to fight a few sets of imps first to clear the random number generator or something, but I thought that thing was like.... changed or something when you RESET the emulator. Geez. I even loaded, I didnít load the savestate or anyting, I started up and pressed "continue." Daaang.



I had to use savestates and a lot of running away from 3 madponys that kept killing me and I didnít have any hope. Now Iím stuck in a foreign land with WAY hard monsters, and no hope, but I MADE IT TO PRAVOKA!!!!!!



I decided to try the pirates right away. I went to the inn, bought the gloves, and killed the pirates. No sweat (ok, maybe a little). I used Ruse twice, healed twice immediately after, and then Iím down to just my basic attack. But that was ok, cuz I slowly beat them down, and they only hit me on criticals, which was frighteningly often, but I still got them. OH, and I got level 6.

Iíve enough gold to buy ONE level 2 spell. I spent a LOT of money on the INN so far. I went for Mute.


Making for Elfland.

Two Kyzokuís really did a number on me, but I made it to Coneria in my ship.

Making for Elfland... again.


WOO WOO, not a single monster between Coneria and Elfland!

Copper Bracelet here I come!

Doh, not enough g.


Díoh, between getting poisoned, walking back to town, buying a heal potion, and spending 100 g on the inn, Iím worse off than I was...


I went back to Coneria, for the cheap inn. Iím fighting ocean monsters though. It feels like a main monster every time, but 3 ruse spells, and nothing can touch me. So far I havenít even died. Means I use the inn every battle, but it works out for me in the end. Iím making money and Exp pretty fast.


Level 7 - Still on the ocean, almost got enough for the Copper Bracelet.


I donít know how this happened, but I died, but thatís not the weird part. It didnít save when I when to the inn. So I lost my level. How very very stupid. WAAAAHHHH


Level 7 again.

Note to self, 4 Kyzokuís with a head start are HARD, especially when their attacks are ALWAYS before my action, no matter what it is. Used all 5 of my lv1 spells curing and ruse-ing. Still havenít killed one.


WOOT, I win, and I got the money! I gotta get to Elfland.

AUGH. Good and bad. 3 more Kyzokuís 2 steps away from the docks. No head start though, thankfully.

Woot, got my bracelet. Double the absorb, and 1 more point of evade.


Hanging out at Pravoka, stocking up on level 2 spells. Just got Invis.


Got all my level 2 spells, saving for the level 3 ones now.


Just finished raiding the dwarf cave for about 1000g. Almost died, but it wasnít real bad.

And Level 8.


Bought cure2


Still building gold and levels. Enemies with stun SUCK SO BAD!


Level 9.


1041 EXP to go until level 10, but Iím bored and pissed off. The white mage has to go to the INN after EVERY battle, has about a 1 in 20 chance of hitting a monster more difficult than an imp, and does 5-20 damage, depending on the monster. Iím so dependent on Ruse and Invis that I cannot last enough battles to get to the marsh cave, and any time Iím poisoned, I am effectively screwed and have to load from my last save. The same applies to stun, although itís more effective and faster. I need to buy Pure, but itís 4000 g and I spend more than half of my earnings on Innís.

Jan. 25


Logging in. Iím gonna switch computers, and play on the computer that emulates the game faster. Hopefully Iíll be able to level faster this way.


I finally figured it out. It was the .cfg file on Fce ultra. It told FCEU to (and I quote) "be really f---ing slow!!" And so it did. I deleted the cfg file, reset my resolution and my keyboard commands, and now Iím running at.... I dunno a few million frames per minute. Thatís WAY better than holding the turbo button for the stupid thing to go NORMAL speed.

I also bought my third and last level 3 spell. Afir, I think.


WOOT. Level 10. With this level, I may be strong enough to handle more than 1 sea battle in a row safely. I have 177 HP. Iím thinking at this rate, I may have about 800-900 Hp with my white mage by level 50... Yíknow, this might not be so bad after all.



Well thankfully I go to the inn so often. Letís just say I canít do 2 battles in a row EVERY time. Iíll have to be more careful, cuz I died and lost about 2 battles worth of exp.

AUGH! CRITICAL MAYHEM. I had to fight a shark coming out of coneria. Then I had to fight a dual shark combo, where they get the advantage and they get 3 critical hits in the first 2 rounds. Died like 4 times. I didnít even have time to cast my defensive spells not that it helps against criticals.

It takes about 2 ruse and 1 invs, or 1 ruse and 3 invs to be completely safe from normal attacks.

I should maybe buy some potion. I want to save for level 4 spells though too. I may be forced to buy pure first... Augh, looking at whatís available, Pure is the ONLY thing I wanna buy before the marsh cave. Iím gonna make another stab at zombulls at finger peninsula.

Argh. I opted for a bunch of potions instead of level 4 spells. I canít even get to finger peninsula again.


The REAL battle begins, 3 zombulls, and 1 troll. Iíve killed off one of the zombulls with a stream of hrm2 and harm spells, the troll will be the hard one.

OOPs, died. Bad luck. Starting over, with FULL hp, and not wasting my hrm2 spells on cur2 this time. Using savestates kinda sucks but at least you know whatís gonna attack you next.

How odd, I canít get the 3 zombull 1 troll combo back, I only get 1 or 2 zombulls. Owell, theyíll have to do. Easier to kill anyway.

Well, one Zombull did the trick, I got to level 12

A trip to the inn, and a trip back, and now I got two giants on my case. Had to run from a lot of battles, but I got back in better shape this time. I just ran though, I canít hit giants.

HERE we go. 1 zombull, 1 troll.

*sigh* at two damage every twentyíth hit, how many hours does it take to get to the center of a troll. I R winner. Heading home again. GAAAAH, killed by gheistís on the way home. Stun sucks so bad.

Gah, stupid troll. Next time Iím saving it AFTER the troll battle.

Saved, and then went back, and GOT AWAY FROM THE Gheists, WOO HOO.

Well, this is working out, I bought a second cabin, and broght my heal pot.s up to fifty, so Iím making money while Iím out there too. I think Iíll skip the pure spell, and go for pure potions.

Back on the sea for 3 battles. I couldnít get past the 5 geists with the advantage.

Finger peninsula, what awaits me?


It took 3 tries and 12 heal potions, but Iím alive, 154 hp, 2 ruse, 1 invs, and ready to hrm2 these suckers to death....uh... second death.... Whatever, theyíll be crispy.


WHO THE MAN!! 4200 EXP!!!!! 4200 GOLD


Level 12

Gah, cabins are useless. I thought they did MP. Owell, time to go home. Waste of 1500 bucks, but owell, Iím at full health.

Alright, Back at town, bought 99 heal potions, a ton of pure, and I am almost level 13. I hope I can take those wizards in Marsh Cave with mute. I got 50 g left after my purchases.



Geists met me just on the edge of the swamp. It took FIFTEEN tries, but they finally met my deathblow of hrm2. I hate stun.

Northward chest room - Marsh Cave. Conserving MP, running from battles, all is not terrible. Iíve taken damage, but not too much.

Zombies and Ghouls. Remind me to ABSOLUTELY HATE STUN!

It took many tries, but I finally ran before they stunned me.

More zombies and Ghouls. Didnít take so long this time to run.


Monsters are NOT based on the random number generator (stupid) and therefore loop, inescapably, but your actions, and action order THANKFULLY is, or Iíd have been doomed from the beginning.


North room looted. Absolutely nothing useful.

A dangerous test proves successful. Save at the beginning of a Zombie Ghoul battle, and keep running until it works.

Look out fourth room, here I am, and Iím gonna loot ya.

Got all the other items, accept the bottom row (all locked if I remember correctly) and am standing in front of the wizards. The other guy who had a party of FOUR white wizards couldnít do it until level 15, letís see how lucky I am at 12.

Alright, finally got a battle that started off well. I got 3 ruse, 4 invs, and 3 cur2 cast, now Iíve got 3 L1 spells, 158 hp, and 81 heal potions. I can only have faith now.

Killed the first of four. Iíve fought easier giants. Although, in all honesty, Iíve not killed a giant yet.

One of the remaining 3 got a critical, hurt pretty bad. Exausting my cure spells, I have 128 hp.

Another critical and 7 heal potions later, I got 200 HP. Still 3 to go.

Killed another. I may be the Final Fantasy King after all.

Phew, killed 3. Only 1 left, and then Iíve gotta escape with no spells.

Critical. HP at 102. Iím gonna save and hope he doesnít do another.

Critical. HP at 4. Iím gonna save and hope he doesnít do another.

Doh, died. Ok, loading, and healing up. Oh, good, the load loaded from hp 102. thank goodness for bugs in programs, J , or my sloppy fingerwork.

HP 209 after healing.

Another critical. HP 111.

4 more potions, and 202 HP. Heíd better die soon.

OH MY GOD, another critical, not two turns later.


Hmmm. 4 more potions 202 hp. I didnít load either. Bad omen?


I am the wizard killingest.

Got the crown, heading to Elfland.

Back outside, thankfully no zombies or ghouls yet.


Elfland. Holding crown, 3-5? Less pure potions, and 48 less heal potions. Almost 3300G totally wasted on that cave. Astos is gonna pay.

Wow, still turned a profit though, I bought myself back to 99 heal potions, and up to 25 pures.

Gah, Astos is hard. I got rubed about ten times before I successfully muted him. Now I gotta ruse enough times so he canít slaughter me with is mean ass attacks.

4 Ruse later, none the worse for it.

Well, he spends so much time trying to cast spells that donít work, that he hasnít landed a critical yet, but at the same time, I canít hit him, so itís like a stalemate so far. Iíve done maybe 20 damage to him in 100 attacks or so.

Bugger landed a critical. 1 cure and 1 cur2 later Iím at 185

Another, 101

Potions, 177

Woot, Astos dies, and I get a crystal

Silver hammer in the Elf castle, behind the locked door is a VERY welcome sight.

Hmmm, when adventuring, and you have 3 dead people to carry your stuff, you can carry a lot more than usual. J

Alright, got all the mystic key stuff, got to melmond, TOF was really hard, with those gargoyleís guarding the chests. I spent all my spell points getting in and out of there. I didnít go for the Marsh cave locked stuff yet. Cur3 is a very nice addition to my spell list. Still have no level 4 spells though. But most of all was the Silver Bracelet. That TRIPPLED my absorb. I decided to grab hrm3 as well, since I had the money. Now Iím heading for Crescent Lake.

The true test of my new equipment:

A giant just off the docks at Crescent Lake.

Success. Hard, but not really threatening. Used ALL of my invs tho.

Time to get money. Iím gonna buy Fog2 and inv2 before I leave here. Giants... Here I come.


A pede gives me level 13. All this stuff is hard, itís a 1 battle - 1 inn visit situation, and Iím using 3 ruse every battle just for safety, but itís really not that bad.

Wow, 2 trolls and 2 bulls. Biggest battle yet at crescent. They have gotten a critical for 5 turns in a row now, I have exausted my healing spells, and Iím starting to think I should maybe run. Yea, I died. Gonna run when I see them this time.

Somewhere along the line, I switched to using 4 ruse per battle.

Man, trolls critical like thereís no tomorrow.


Level 15 and 11675 gold. Almost got my first level 6 spell. Iíll leave here with my 2 level 6 spells and enough to buy 3 level 4 spells. This place is good money and good exp. I just wish the bulls were zombulls so I could harm them.

I believe Iím mistaken. Trolls are hitting me normally at 4 ruse spells. So, Iíve upped it to 7, which is my full level 1 load.


Level 16



I have a terrible problem. Monsters are running away from me in droves. I just had a whole horde of Pedeís run away. All that work, and I get 1 exp point. What a terrible battle. Cobras were the first to start running. I guess it takes so many rounds to kill them that they have too long a chance to run.


Level 17 - 18916 gold. This is starting to get boring. Not as bad as getting killed by stupid weak stun creatures, but kinda bad with all the stuff running away.


Bought Fog2. I went for fog, cuz I know I got lots of evade already between ruse and invs (1), so fog gives me absorb, which will help a lot against stronger monsters.

Wow, with Fog2, the Troll/Bull comboís arenít anywhere near as bad.


*sigh* if it werenít for the frost wolves, and the ten minute trips back and forth to the inn, Iíd be going to the finger peninsula. Maybe I should go for the Earth cave soon.

Wow, back on the sea. This is so easy. All I need is one ruse, one fog, OR one invis to survive a battle. I can easily survive it all without it, but I only take 10-15 damage with one of the above cast, which is hella easy compared to what I have been doing.

*sigh* I spoke too soon. One oddeye and two sahagís, and three hundred and fifty rounds later, Iím dead. I hate stun. Even when youíre buff, it still kills you.

Try number 3, got back to Melmond. Earth cave, look out.


5 shades, 2 Harm (1)ís later, and Iím level 18

Earth elementals are no mere-immortals. They can dish and dish some more. The first floor of the earth cave is gonna take 2 tries, But I did get 3 of the 5 chests. Iím going to elfland first to pick up 2 of the level 4 spells.

I opted for Pure and Fear. Aice wonít help me enough against magic users, and mute will do better, anyway. But none of the 4 are particularly useful...


Earth Cave attempt 2. Going for the last 2 chests on the first floor, and hopefully some from the second as well. Not going to level anytime soon....

With some clever manuvering, I avoided the Earth elemental guarding the chests on the first floor, so Iím still full heading for floor 2.

Well, I cannot say I am unscathed, but after floor 2, I think I can continue into floor 3 and get a few more chests. Any amount of money I can get is good, as I need it all. On the down side though, Stone is worse than stun, and Iím about half out of magic, and down by 20 in heal potions.

Ouch, turns out you canít run from ANY wizard, no matter where. That battle cost me. I hope I can get this last chest and escape.

Success. Iím leaving. Next round, I got 2 chests, and the Vampire. Thankfully I managed to do the Earth cave in ONLY four trips hopefully. However, Soon, Iíll have the light axe, so Iíll be dealing some payback to some stun causing ghouls geists and zombies, BUAAHAHAHAHA.

Against my better judgement, I went and got one last chest, before I left. Success. I had to face 3 wizards though, and that hurt. Iím now totally out of invs ruse fog2 cur3 and have only cur2 remaining, not that itíd help in a battle. If I am queued up for another inescapable battle Iím doomed.

Phew, I escaped. It wasnít pretty though. The trek to the town still to go.


Back at Melmond, healed, sold the Coral sword, and a shield I found in the dungeon. Tempted to go finish off my level 4 spells at Elfland, or go to Crescent Lake and buy inv2. However, neither of them will help me against the vampire, so Iím just gonna go kill it. Iím closer to level 19, less than half remaining than what I had last time I mentioned this, but Iíll be fighthing less and running more this time, since I wonít be facing any earth elementals.

Iíll get the level when I fight the vampire probably.


Floor 3 of the earth cave. I can see the entrance to the vampireís lair. Iím nowhere near it, but I can see it, LOL.

3 wizards. That cost me a lot of precious spells I need against the vampire.

Much to my dismay, the last chest is guarded by an earth elemental. Iím skipping it, and coming back after I kill the vampire. I donít want to risk using too many spells and having to go back without the ruby.

Sadly, the vampire was uneventful. One hrm3 followed by a hrm2 got him. No ruse no invs, nothing. Not even a level. *snif* At least I got the ruby.

I unleashed some hrm3 mayhem on some stun bastards. They died. I laughed. Earth elemental was next, I had plenty of ruse to waste this time, so he died too. Most importantly though, this gave me Level 19.

Going home, not wizards, nor stun bastards can stop me. They die under my wrath.

Melmond. Titan Cave. Chests. Stun bastards give lots of exp.

OHHH NOOOO. Itís a great axe, not a Light Axe. DANG. Owell, no zombie ownage for me. Well, not any more than I already do with harm 3 anyway.

God the rod.



Melmond. I now stand at the door to the inn. I will kill the lich. Itís corpse shall be a hrm3íd pile of goo at my feet, within the hour. I only fear the coctriceís and mildly the wizards. Wizards are only a waste of precious spells. Although, zombies along the path will deplete my anti-death spells, so I must run from those along the way too. Next update at the door to the Lichís lair. (Unless something bad happens)

Yíknow, the people who made this game.... I wish they had a clue. A bat got stuck ALLL the way down by the vampireís door, and wouldnít come out. Letís see how far I can go back, and hope it doesnít get stuck this time.

Gaah. It took Several minutes on the turbo key to sort it out, but itís finally out


AAHHH, Finally.

The big red ball looms before me, with tons of stone blades sticking out of the ground all around me. Inside the ball, the Fiend, Lich. My spells arenít full, but theyíre good. I got about twenty potions left, and a good chance at smashing this thing into goo.

Well, things started bad. I didnít heal before starting the battle, I went in with 120 hp about. And before I noticed that, I SAVED. So, Iím thinking Iím screwed. But, I was saved, I muted him, managed to get hit TWICE without dieing, and then cur3íd myself. Then I ruseíd 4 times, now Iím gonna use lotsa heal potions.

Done. 261 HP. Let the hrm3 mayhem begin.

Wow, 3 hrm3ís killed it. No sweat. Onto the canoe, the airship, and beyond.

Woot, 47000 gold plus more stuff to sell. Looks like Iím gonna max out my spells before I go too.


Ok, Level 19, full heal potions, 35 pure potions, a canoe, All useful spells I can get as a lone white mage:

Cure Harm Ruse

Mute Invs Alit

Cur2 Hrm2 Afir

Pure Fear Aice

Cur3 Hrm3

Fog2 Inv2

And finally, 21289 G

Iím getting me a Floater.


Iím at the entrance to the ice cave where the floater is.

Letís hope for some luck, thereís sorcererís and wizards and ALL KINDS of instant kill monsters in here. Itís gonna be rough.

It APPEARS that when a white mage fights a "mage" monster, that it gets first strike every time, and ... you die. No matter how many times you try.

However, I jumped down the hole before he got me, and therefore, fought some stun bastards, hrm3íd them, and they died. Level 20.

It was all for not. I got clear to level 22 fighting some stun bastards with hrm2 and harm. But once those mages caught me, it was over. I was looting the money out of the chests on the south side of the bottom floor. I just have no resistance to death, and they just got me every time. There was always 3 of them, they always had the advantage, and they always killed me, first shot. So bloody irritating.

Ok, Back at level 19, Crescent lake, Iím going to the castle of ordeals. Theyíve got items in there that are useful, and I think I can loot the place and get out ok.


Stopped off at Elfland, as a Inn/Launching Point.

Arrived. Iím heading in.

Zombull - Level 20

Success, Completely raided Castle of Ordeals. Items of Worth:

Gold Bracelet

Zeus Gauntlet

Heal Staff

Tail (of course)


Elfland.48549 gold.

Nowhere near enough levels to attempt the ice cave again. Iíll try again at 25.

Logging off for now. Tired and cold.


Back. Going to Crescent lake, gonna get some expís in the water with the canoe.

Zeus gauntlet should help a lot.


Level 21 - That was FAAAAAAST. AND, I can fight any HUGE number of hordes of caribeís, as they almost ALL die in one hit from the zeus gauntlet. Hydraís require 2 ruse to be cast, then several hits with the zeus, but itís still not bad. Even trolls go down when whapped with the mighty zeus.


Level 22

Switching to a joystick

My thumb hurts really bad from my current keyboard control settings, and that the `~ key has to be held constantly if you want to go in turbo. It canít be changed, so Iím gonna map some joystick buttons to keyboard buttons.

Damn it all to hell.

While configuring the joystick, I messed up, and got killed. Then I loaded the savestate, instead of continueing, and that screwed things up worse.

Back to level 20.


Back to level 21

Level 22

Level 23

Level 24


Level 25 - Iím going to keep leveling here on the water. Caribeís are incredibly easy and give about 1000 exp per horde. They all go down in 1 hit too, which is nice. Hydras and Ochoís are hard, but 2 ruse and heal back up, and Iím just zeus-ing them back down again, usually for 2000+ exp. So, unless I get bored, Iím going for thirty. Stats as follows:

Str19 Agl19 Int39 Vit26 Luk18 Dmg21 Hit%34 Abs26 Eva64


I dunno about that HP. The rest I kind of expected, but the HP is just so low... Iíll have maybe 750 if Iím lucky at level 50, and that kinda worryís me.


Level 26. 378HP. Now Iím really worried.

Iím not bored, but I just wanna try the Ice cave again, just to see what my character is capable of now. I can go five battles on the canoe without help, and that does not include caribe battles. I can go ten of those in a row without healing. I AM kinda interested in cleaning out the bottom of the marsh cave, just cuz I hate leaving stuff un-done.

No matter what though, itís time for bed cuz I gotta work tomorrow. Logging off, see you tomorrow.


Horrible headache for me. Couldnít sleep. Iím gonna try and level some more.


Level 27


Level 28

415HP - Now thatís more like it.

Iím not keeping as good track of my spells as I was last night, but itís good to know I can go through Ocho battles without any ruse or invs or inv2 at all, and hydra battles without ruse. Sometimes it is close, but Iím not fearing every round will be my last.






I wouldíve stayed out for 4 or 5 more battles, but I got to level 29.


Iím guessing, but I think Iím gonna hit...600 hp. My big hp level ups have become less frequent unfortunately.

My spell levels are as follows: 9/8/7/7/6/5/5/3

Level 7 and Level 8 spells going to waste.

Iím gonna try the ice cave again, I really wanna see what Iím capable of with this Zeus G.

I find the joystick cumbersome when moving around, switching back to the keyboard.

Entrance to the cave. I ran from the hydras and ochos, but the caribeís felt the pain of zeus. I heal potioned up, and Iím gonna make another stab at it.

Woot, wizards run away, and ph33r the zeus. This may be easier than I thought. Mages already killed me once though.

Scratch that, Three times.

Iím fighting the red bones on the first floor, as they are the equivalent to mages on the second floor. They cost me a few precious spells though, but so long as mages donít kill me... Why do mages ALWAYS get the advantage?

Frost Dragons are hard, but go down with a few precious spells and the zeus.

Iím going for the gold in the southmost room, but I saved just in case I find mages and need to go back.

Speak of the devil. They had the advantage, but they didnít kill me this time. WOOT.

Frost wolves felt the pain, but I felt the pain too. Healing up.

Hey, now, six digits of money. Sweet

Narrowly missed some mages - Fought more red bones on the other half of the first floor.

Alright, standing over the hole and the floater is straight below.

Saving, and if I need to, I can escape with all this cash (and a bruised ego)

1 step to the eye. I hope this isnít like the mages....

Hey, eyeís can be muted. Sweet, and the thing does like 4 damage, so Iím totally INVINCIBLE NOW. So, zeus can smite this thing for me now.


Hrm3íd the stun bastards for fun. Itís not as thrilling anymore. But, still satisfying.

More mages that failed to kill me.



Outside the cave, Airship here I come!

Purchased a ProRing in Gaia. I know you can find one, but I need one NOW.

Purchased 99 Cabins in Gaia. What a waste...

I know I shouldíve waited, but I went ahead and got the class levelup. The dragons are so nice, they give you everything they own (mostly gold) and teach you how to do your spells better.

What I wonder is how 3 dead chicks have the courage to become White Wizards...

Exploited the "land on the caravan" desert square, bought the bottle, and released the fairy to get oxyale. Picked up Cur4 and Hrm4 too. Let the mayhem begin... But wait... Iím out of money!?! Time for the waterfall. Letís hope itís not too hard.


Logging off. Shower time.


Skipping work today. Slept wrong on my neck, and I just canít move today. So Iíll just relax and kill the waterfall.

Loot galore.


Wizard Staff



The defense alone gives me NEARLY the ability to stay out in any dungeon forever. Iíll hold on to the wizard staff for now, but conf isnít that useful to me. Also, I donít remember it being all that effective. Maybe Iím wrong?

Well, conf wasnít useful yet, but I dare say the rest is. Iím fighting every monster on my way out, Iíve not used ANY spells, I use the defense 3-4 times to start, use the heal staff until Iím at max hp again, and then just wail on them with the zeus. I rule.

OOPS. Thatís what I get for opening my big mouth. I died on some red caribeís and frost gators or something ??? on the river leaving the waterfall. Iím just gonna get home this time.

Oh yea... uh. Level 30... Again. I got it both times halfway back to the entrance to the waterfall. 429 HP this time, dunno what it was last time.

Safety. Heading back to Melmond to get EXIT.

Uh... Make that Crescent Lake, hehehe.


Time to loot the sea shrine. Lotsa monsters weak to lit2, and other good stuff too. Kraken can just sit there for now, Iím not gonna try.


Level 31 - 437HP

Bah, who needs HP. I just remembered tho, the light axe is in this cave somewhere... Thatíll rule.

Two things:


And I love cur4. Those sea trolls, lobsters, and sea snakes almost had me.

Alright, hereís the lowdown of what Iím wearing:

Defense Zeus Gauntlet

E-Silver hammer E-Gold Bracelet

Light Axe E-ProRing

Heal Staff E-Ribbon

55,717 gold, only 200 thousand something to go!

Mage Staff - Thatíll be handy when I canít use zeus/lit2. (because of immunity)

Light Axe + Ghosts = Lots of dead Ghosts.

Found the mermaids. And the Opal Bracelet. Happy is me.

Slab, enough stuff to sell for all the rest of my spells, and Iím gonna exit the hell outta here.

Arub - not that I need it, hehehe.

Fade - Donít mess with me, or Iíll WHOOOP YOUR @$$

And Xfer - I figure I donít NEED wall, because anything you need to defend against, Iíve got the element specific version anyway. Iíll pick it up later though.

With that, Iíve got 1 open spell, Iím never gonna get, and 1 open spell on level 8 that Iím 45K gold short to buy. Opal equipment sells for a LOT, but not quite enough. Funny, I never knew how much it cost before now, lol.

Learned Lefeinish.

Landed and walked toward Leifen. (sp?) Faded some Giant arse. Giants are so easy, lol.

Although after the fourth straight trio of giants, I was out of Fade. Tíwas ok, though, I defenseíd and Zeusíd them, and gained a level! Level 32 - 466 HP

Humph. Fade isnít Nuke, but Fade is mine... if there was a stupid INN in Leifen. Bah, owell. Iím not altogether weak either. Got the Chime.


Time to raid the Mirage Tower, and the Sky Castle. Thatíll pull enough money to buy wall, and Iíll get the rest of the equipment Iíll need to pwn the Fiends.


6000 exp, and 10000 gold from 5 vampires. It wasnít an easy battle, but it was welcomed at the victory dance.

Trading in the mage staff for the Silver Hammer. I donít melee attack anymore anyway, so whatís the point?


Level 33

Things are good. Used a Fade on 4 cerebus. Used 1 or 2 cur4ís so far, and Iím almost at the sky castle. Iím gonna just start running soon. But for now, BRING IT ON!

Found the Thor Hammer. Put the Zeus on AAAAís body (sorry zeus) and moved the heal staff to AAAA, and moved the heal helmet to me. Equiped Thor.

Phew. Blue Dragons are kinda hard. But it still died.

Found Bane. Traded it for Light Axe. I Figure I got Mage Staff, which is fire, which most undead monsters are ALSO weak to (if memory serves), and Bane just flat out kills stuff.

Just for kicks, I checked out my melee capabilities. Iím pretty good. Not quite a thief with a lousy weapon, but well enough to kill stuff without waiting for two hours.

Man, I got so much money, and so much treasure. Iíve fought maybe thirty battles, ran from about 5 more, and I have about half of my high level spells, all of my low level spells. This rules.


Level 34


Adamant. What a waste.

Got the Shirts - my main targets. Iíll need both in the volcano. (Nope, havenít forgotten, just didnít wanna go yet)

Got the ProCape. I traded it for the heal helmet. I figure I donít use level 1 heals anymore anyway, so thereís no point. But I could use the extra def. HOWEVER. I canít pick up any more because my armor inventory is full, and all the stuff is GOOD stuff. So, Iím gonna grab what else I can, and leave whateverís in the boxes with armor.

Alright! Two chests (BAH, each in different sections of the floor) remaining, and I have no desire to fight a warmech OR Tiamat without any high level heal spells. EXIT


I could cry. All that great stuff, sold. I got lots of money tho. Itís just such a shame to have only 1 white wizard though, cuz thereís just so many awesome things you canít use.

Aegis shield, dragon armor, enough opal to build a castle, the Katana, *sigh* I saved 1 heal helmet, and all the weapons that cast something, regardless of how useful. I saved zeus too.

I am now the proud owner of 99 tents,cabins,houses,heal potions,and pure potions. I have 4 softs too, but I picked those up from chests. Useless things.


Volcano - Finally. Iím going for the Fiend. If I have enough room to loot all the stuff as well, cool. Iím equipping the following:
Defense Black Shirt

Light Axe E-White Shirt

Bane E-ProRing

E-Thor Hammer E-Ribbon

White shirt protects against Fire, black shirt casts Ice2. I figure since this is an earlier dungeon, I can probably be ok with less defense and more elemental advantage.

Raided the second floor. Everything is crap, which is why I didnít come here sooner. I AM surprised at something ELSE though. I cannot run away fast enough. The monsters half the time beat me to it. I choose "run" and I still win the battle and get 1 exp. Go me.

Red orb. Monster inside. Battle Begins. Oohh wow, itís Kary, didnít see that coming.

Defenseíd 3 times and muted her. That was fun. Now Iíll melee her to death.

3 criticals later, I think Iíll black shirt her to death.

Wait a minute.... Did I miss something? Fire fiend strong to Ice? BAH. Now I have to cur4 and think of something else.

Ahhh, yes. Fade. Good old Fade. Nothing beats Fade.

And Level 35 490HP



Item shop - Buy fourty heal potions.

Weapon and armor shop - Sell the spoils



Defense E-ProCape

Light Axe E-Opal Bracelet

Mage Staff E-ProRing

E-Thor E-Ribbon

Time to get Kraken

Used cur4 about 70% of the way there. Some waters were guarding a chest, and I tried to run for like 5 rounds. Then I pwned them after I realized my stupidity.

Power Gauntlet - Casts Sabr. I heard itís bugged. I should test it.

Another Light Axe.

Krakenís Ball. I used a lot of cure spells getting over here. But I still have over half of everything left. So, itís not so bad. Here comes the Battle.

5 Defense
1 Mute

1 accidental melee attack

And 1 cur4

Time to Thor this oversize squid. Yep, he dies.

Sell ribbon and light axe in Gaia, INN.

I didnít change any equipment this time.

Tiamat is next.

Iím at the blue dragon guarding the teleporter to the sky castle. All is good, havenít had to use any heal spells yet.

To kill it, lots of mage staff, along with 1 cur4.

Level 36 - 498 HP

Cloth and ProRing in those chests I left behind last time. Bah, cloth.

Iím on the maze floor. I use another cur4 to save time.

Warmech floor.

Didnít find any warmechís tho.

Got to Tiamatís ball, used 3 cur3ís

I traded my light axe for the Bane sword.

And now the battle.

SWEET. Tiamat. 1 hit kill with Bane. I so rule.



Bought 1 heal potion and 1 pure potion. Got 99 of everything again. Went to the inn.

Ready to take on the TOF.

Apparently Iím not Immune to stone, just VERY resistant. Doh.

I wasnít set back too far though.

HEEEEY. Youíre trapped 5000 years in the past. Hereís 110,000 g to ease your nerves!

(where are you supposed to spend it, lol)


2 Frost giants, lotsa ??? frost wolves (4 I think)

Cur4 to survive, Mage staff to whoop up on them, and then Level 37 - 528 HP.

Ok, Lich is just a few steps away. I used a bunch of cure spells fighting earth elementals. You canít run from them. I coulda just harm spelled him, but I played it safe, and used the mage staff. I forgot the light axe, but both are about the same.

Used some heal potions. 14 were required to do the job.




Useless. Cost me 13 more potions to get them.

5 more to get to Kary. Traded armor, now Iím back to the shirts.

Now to kill her.

7 more after sheís dead.

Back to prev equipment.

Super Sharks, Super Sahagís, 3 defenseís and lotsa Thor.

Level 38 - 536 HP

Several battles later - I kill all water monsters, easy to kill with defense and Thor. Took a cur4 out of me though. Kraken is up ahead.

Kraken got 11 heal potions out of me. Moving on.

OOOOH. Masamune. I can sense your presence....

3 worms. Level 39 - 544 HP


Yíknow, when you get the masmune... it should have that special fanfare music. Like DA DADADA DDAAAAAAAA. Anyway, Cleavage is mine. As is the masmune.

I traded the bane sword out, and masamune in, and equipped it. Oh, and 4 more potions.

Getting back to Tiamat cost me a bunch more potions, sorry, forgot to count.

Tiamat was pounded. It wasnít as easy as last time, but it wasnít bad either.

8 more potions.

1 last battle before I move on to chaosí floor costs me two potions because I wasnít being careful.

Ahh, Make your taunts, Garland. Your minutes are numbered...


Being this is the main monster and all, Iíll give you a play by play.

Chaos whacks me one, and I use the Defense.

501 HP

I defense, and Chaos misses.

Chaos casts "crack" and it does nothing. I defense.

Chaos misses, I defense.

Gnor attacks 144 damage 2 hits critical. He cast Ice2 I think. 40 damage.

461 HP

Gnor attacks 217 damage 3 hits critical. He cast slow2, ineffective.

Chaos misses. Gnor attacks 193 damage 2 hits critical.í

Chaos casts inferno, 48 damage. Gnor attacks for 37 2 hits.

Chaos casts Cur4 (AAAUGH), Gnor attacks for 267 ?hits critical.

Chaos misses. Gnor attacks for 67 or 77 ??? maybe critical. I blinked, sorry.

Chaos casts Swirl, 134 damage. Gnor attacks 2 hits, critical, 200 something damage, sorry forgot. Too many numbers going too fast.

Chaos casts tornado, 106 damage. Gnor attacks, 3 hits, critical 179 damage.

173 HP

Chaos casts Crack, ineffective. Gnor attacks ? hits 157 damage. Maybe critical?

Gnor attacks 36 damage 2 hits. Chaos misses.

Chaos casts fir3, 35 damage. Gnor attacks 96 damage 3 hits, critical.

138 HP

Chaos casts Ice3, 35 damage. Gnor attacks, 2 hits, 100 damage, critical

103 HP

Gnor casts cur4, 553 HP. Chaos misses.

Gnor casts Fade, 136 damage. Chaos misses.

Gnor casts Fade, 232 damage. Chaos casts Fast.

Gnor casts Fade, 112 damage. Chaos misses.

Chaos casts Inferno, 79 damage. Gnor casts Fade, 94 damage

Chaos casts Swirl, 94 damage. Gnor casts Xfer, ineffective.

380 HP

Gnor contemplates what to do for like 5 minutes, lol.

Gnor attacks, 2 hits, 36 damage. Chaos misses.

Chaos casts Nuke 119 damage. Gnor attacks, 94 damage, 2 hits, critical.

Chaos casts ICE3, 40 damage. Gnor attacks, 2 hits, 37 damage.

221 HP

Gnor attacks, 47 damage, 3 hits. Chaos cast something. 41 damage.

180 HP

Gnor attacks, 137 damage, 2 hits, critical. Chaos dies.

The End.

About 11:30 ish. (Re-reading this document, and remembered I should put an end time at 11:47)