White Mage Journal
This is the journal of a Single Black Mage who set out to set flame toÖ erÖ uhÖ save the worldÖ.

So, this is the third, and hopefully last installment of the great Gínord Solo Final Fantasy 1 Missions. I imagine my tactic with the black mage will start out the same as it did with the thief, with the acception that it will start out harder than my thief log, and slowly get easier as I get spells. Until the TNT and breaking free, Iíll have EQUAL armor to the other two, I think my weapon will be in-between, but Iím not sure. Ö I just checked. It depends on your definition of Ďin between.í Iíll have slightly less damage than thiefís weapon, but the same hit%, while Iíll also have less damage than the WM hammer, but Iíll also have 10 hit% edge on her.

And, not to mention Iíll have some groovy spellage, which will ensure I have an offensive edge above both of the other two. So, hereís how I see it for BEGINNING part of the game:

Armorsamesamesameonce you get to elfland - before cresent lake
Defensivelowhighlowheals and invis and stuff.
Spell offenseV.highnonenone

Which basically means, everything BEFORE the earth cave should be easier than either of the previous logs, everything AFTER the earth cave should be the same as a thief (defense sword rulz all) Which leaves only the earth cave. *sigh* Well, weíll do that hurdle once I get that far.


Note: Ugh, it took me FOURTY FIVE MINUTES to reconfigure my joystick, for some idiotic reason the software didnít work, and I needed to go download the latest driver. BAAAH. Anyway, finally starting.

June 14, 2004


Created Gnor AAAA AAAA AAAA a 4 black mage party.

Bought 4 Small daggers, 1 cloth, fire slep and lit.

Only equipped Gnor.


FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY got my joystic RE-FUGGING-Configured. Configuring a joystick to work with windows, and with FCEU is a TOTALLY different story. *SIGH* But now it works.

I also managed to kill off the first AAAA, but Gnor is down to 1 hp, so I had to flee. Rather than lose all the good work I did with damaging the other 2 down, by going to the inn, I opted for wasting double the money on a SINGLE heal potion that heals ONLY Gnor. Whoopie.

F***, died. Loaded a savestate. Unfortunately now all 4 are alive and fine. *sigh* Sadly, this is really the hardest part, NAMING one guy, and getting THAT one to LIVE instead of the othersÖ.

F***, Gnor died, and AAAA lived.

F***, Gnor died, and AAAA lived.

F-ING HELL! I had it. Gnor was alive, the rest were dead, and of COURSE, what do I do? I try to kill the last imp. Gnor dies. Start over again.

F***, Gnor died, and AAAA lived.

F***, Gnor died, and AAAA lived.

F-ING HELL! I had it. Gnor was alive, the rest were dead, and of COURSE, what do I do? I try to run. Gnor dies. Start over again.

Ok, finally. The 3 AAAAís died. Gnor has 3 hp. So, THIS TIME I savestate, and try to run. FOURTY FIVE F-ING TRIES before I get away. AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!


Ok, state is saved. Went to the inn, and now Iím alive, full health with a piddley 40 g. Letís hope I donít die.

&& Story Time &&

The five imps went out on a hunt. The imps were a starving dieing people, too weak to defeat even the lowest of foes. For all thoughout the land, everybody picked on the imps. But, the imps, starved, picked on, and twisted into the evil nasties they have become have finally decided to fight back. And, just ahead, AAAHHH, yes, their first victim. A lone black mage dragging around three of his dead friends, desparately trying to save the world. The imps coordinate their attack, and SPRING! *encounter music*

The first imp attacks! HITS

The second imp attacks! HITS

The third imp attacks! HITS

The Lone Black Mage fights back futilely! Misses

The fourth imp attacks! Kills

The fifth imp gets picked on for the next few hours as they are feasting on black mage carcass, because he was too slow to get a hit in.

But time flows like a river, and history repeatsÖ.


&& End Story Time &&


Finally. My first victory. 3 GrImps. I fought those about fifteen times so far, but I finally won. I cast fire twice, and managed to kill 2 of them, and then I lucked out and stabbed the other to death with my small pointy metal thing. YAY. The REALLY good thing is though, that I got to level 2. AND made it back to town.

My second victory. 2 wolves. Fire twice. No level though.

3 GrImps

4 Imps

NOTE: Iím only documenting the VICTORIES, not the many losses between each.

5 Imps (barely) and Level 3

5 Imps (barely)

2 GrImps Ė I havenít lost a battle in about 3 battles now, so I think the worst is behind me. Iím gonna stop this each battle thing, and just document levels and interesting stuff. Iím going to the inn after each battle, because in each battle, I am using ALL of my fire. :)

Running low on money. I need another level, and the ability to stay out 2 battles, or Iím gonna die, and be permanently screwed.

AAAAH, Level 4. Thanks to 2 wolves, followed by another lone wolf, and of course that horde of imps trying to attack me 3-4-5 at a time. Luckily, Iím hovering at about sixty gold.

4:22 Level 5


It took like six tries, but I was just relentless, and came from the inn straight to garland every time until I finally got him. I ran from the battles up to there, and was lucky enough to not get a battle in the temple.

Made it to Pravoka. Donít think it was a very good idea, but I am going to buy a 2nd level spell (ice), so I have 7 spells instead of 4. Thatíll be nice.

No money for the inn (blew it on ice) so I savestate and try to take the pirates. May the force be with me.

SHIT NO, didnít even get my first spell off. *sigh*

Well, damn. I couldnít make it back. 2 steps out of Pravoka, there were a group of GrImps, GrWolves, and imps that had first strike EVERY time I loaded the state, so I ended up back in Coneria before I bought Ice, but after garland.

Finally got the cap. I couldnít do it before. I had to take too many steps inside the temple, and something would always kill me. Even when I DID get out of the temple with it once, imps got me on the way back. But, now I got it, and I saved at the Inn, so I am good. Iím gonna save up to 510 g, go to Pravoka, buy ice, gloves, an inn visit, and then come back. First, gotta get the money.

I hate it when you have to run away from a battle with 1 hp. Itís likeÖ. Grrrr.


I have achieved the requisite 510 g. Letís go to Pravoka again.

Took 3 tries. First two times, some monster got first strike, and either killed me, or weakened me too much for the next monster.

*SIGH* Something happened to my emulator, and it crashed. When I loaded back, I had a lot less gold, and I was like "crap" but it also turns out, I lost my cap as well. F-ing savestates load your damn INN save as well, so, if you have a current inn save, and NOT a current savestate, then you load savestate, then itís all gone. BAH. I should email them about that crap.

Owell, I have gloves, ice, and Iíve inn-saved AND savestated. GRRR.

Wow, 3 iceís took out an ogre, and give TONS of exp and gold. I can stay in Pravoka now!


Level 6 Ė 102 Hp

God I hope this goes faster from here onÖ.

Iím gonna try the Pirates. I have 7 attack spells (Iím gonna use slep once, so itíll actually be six)

So I think I can take them down, only 3 of them by dagger if Iím lucky. So here goes. No good. Slep only works 1 turn. So, basicallyÖ. Itís totally useless, because whether I sleep them, and they wake up next turn, or sleep them and they lose an attack THIS turn, they still pwn me. So, since I lose an attack to cast it, and LESS than all nine of them lose an attack this turn or the next turn, then itís useless. Worse than useless actually.

But either way, six attempts say "YOU SUCK" and didnít get any more than 4 of them killed.

OOOH, the fortunes Iíd give for a "2" spell.

5:17 - Level 7

Taking a break, gonna get a sammich. MMMMM, sammiches. Actually, it was good. It was a nutella sammich. That and a square of bakers chocolate. MMMMM, unsweetened.

5:37 Working on leveling some more at Pravoka. Hovering at about 200 g, hoping I see another ogre, cuz they rule.

5:47 - Level 8 - 127

I was gaining this level over and over and over again, then dieing, because I wanted a vitality point. It would always give me luck or int, which I donít want or need, but as a BM, I DESPERATELY need that vit. So, finally I got my vit point, and so all is good.

Another Bikke attempt. Not a chance in hell. Owell.

I have the money for another spell, so Iím gonna shoot for dark. Maybe itíll give me a chance with the pirates. Nope. It DOES seem to help, but not enough. I think a combo of Heal potions and dark plus one more level may do it though. I canít RUSE like a white mage, so I will have to just blind the hell out of them, :)

Well, Iím gonna go back for the cap. Weíll see if that gives me any edge.

Got it. No sweat, with 8 spells (5 fir Ė 3 ice) I even had to kill about 10 imps with my BARE HANDS Ė RAAAAHHHH. Well, I suppose I had a dagger, but as weak as the dagger is, itís still bare handsÖ.

Back to Pirates, and this timeÖ.

Ok, saved, bought dark, and a heal potion (in that order) that way, I can try to get bike, and if I fail, I can go back to having MONEY instead, hehe.

Bah, doesnít help enough, nothing does. Ok, maybe LOTS of heal potions. Ok, bought 8 heals. Letís see how that works. Nope. Leveling time it is.

WTF is it with the huge groups of monsters OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Why canít I just get 2 or 3 monsters every once in a while? I mean SHIT. Iíve died more times than I can imagine is good for my sanity.

6:26 Ė Level 9 Ė 129 hp

Still havenít seen a group of monsters less than four.

Got 9 spells to spend now, 5 fire, 4 ice.

FINALLY, a single iguana. Beat it too. Damn straight.

I tried to go 2 in a row, and died. Díoh. It was 5 wolves.

BOO YA! Killed 2 ogres. NICE. Almost 400 for each gold and exp.

And another pair of ogres (plus the fifty or so battles between) puts me 15 exp away from level 10. Now to get one more vit pt. Nice, Iguana, gave me the vit pt, so WOO WOO.

Ugh. If I cant kill these pricks with 1500 g, and level ten, I REALLY donít have the patience left to get another 3636 exp at 100 per pop. I die WAY too often, which will place me at about 200 battles. Maybe 150, but thatís just too much for me today. Iíll do pirates, if it works, good, if not, then I quit for today.

AUGH. Ten tries. It took DARK, and 6-7 heal potions, EVERY single one of my spells, and about a 1000 of my gold. Iím left with 5 heal potions. I CAN live with fighting sea monsters to collect money for an element2 spell, but leveling just to be EEEEEVER so much stronger in order to defeat a neigh invincible enemy was just too tedious for me. Of course, now I have to fight oddeyesÖ. *sigh*

Killed a shark and red sahag. That hurt real bad though, so I went back to pravoka. Then I hit a kyzoku. 3 lits to kill that one alone. Had to run from the next group, 4 kyzokuís *cries*. Iíd have had enough money for my level 2 spell with those, but I was too low. But, I made it to Coneria, so I have a cheap inn, and lots of money getting schemes. WOO WOO.

Fucking Oddeyes.


Ok, armed with the requisite 1600 g (and rather quickly I might add) Iím going to get lit2. I hope they sell lit2. Fir2 would suck. I want lit2. Iím gonna cry if itís not lit2.

Oddeyes. Thankfully, only 2 of them, and for some reason they didnít get me every time, so I lived, and killed them with lit.


7:04 Ė Level 11

almost 2000 gold, Iím gonna go get a bracelet, and maybe something else if I find anything good. Maybe a new dagger? OOH, level gives me an extra lit2, thatís a whole-nother battle I can stay out before inning, meaing, FOUR battles, nearly 800 bucks per inn visit. Nice.

YAY, new dagger, and copper bracelet. That brings me up to max armor until crescent lake/melmond (I always go to crescent lake first), as well as max weapon actuallyÖ I think. It doesnít matter though, cuz Iíll just be spell-casting everything from here on out.


Bought fir2. Gonna go do me some finger point frost wolves. ZomBulls are weak to fire as well. Which meansÖ I think the only thing I can fear is giants and trolls. Giants are easy enough to avoid with savestates (before the battle not during Ė Iím gonna try not to do that.).

Bought 4 tents and a bunch of heal in Coneria, now heading to Pravoka.

I was lucky, I got to finger point on my first try, I savestated, and used a tent. Now, to kill something and reap the massiveness!


Fir2 wastes 4 of them, 2 left. Iím gonna use just fire, and try to go 2 for 2.

WOOT, almost died, but I expected that. I did it though. Iím like 300 exp from level 12, and I made 1200 bucks. Iíll heal up and do another.

Whoa, 3 giants. I ran.

Whoa, 2 zombulls 2 trolls. Tried to run, but died. I used a tent though, so I just continue.

SEVEN FROST WOLVES!!!! FIRST STRIKE AGAIN! Iím not making this shit up man. Iím so lucky today.

Fir2 takes 5 of them.

Fire and fire,fire takes the last two, and I gain a level

7:25 Ė Level 12 Ė 159 HP

Even though I should go back, I want one more set of frost wolves, so Iím gonna finish off my heals, tent, and go again.

Zombulls and trolls. Díoh

Died and continued from tent.

DudeÖ Seven more frost wolves. First Strike again. *Gasp*

Mistake Ė Lit2 instead of fir2. Killed 3.

Worked out ok, my last fir2 finished the rest, and I didnít take any damage. :)

Tented before I went back to pravoka.

Díoh, gained a level on the way back, using ice, and damn it all if I didnít get a vit pt. So I walked back to finger point and died on the first monster I could find.

Due to my imminent level, I ran from everything and made it back to Pravoka. Now Iíll get my level on the water, as well as go buy ice2 with my newly aquired 4000 from finger point.

Whew, it took several tries before I got a vit pt with my level, but I got it, so now:

7:34 Ė Level 13 Ė 162 HP

Ice 2 now. Thatís 3 more damage spell casts, which target all. WOOT.

Note: Kyzokuís die much better to Ice2. That means you can save your lit2 for the other monsters, and stay out longer. Up to 7 battles!!! Thatís way better than my WM or my Th.

Note: Doesnít it seem like a waste to use a whole Lit2 on ONE single shark. Do it anyway. The hp you lose killing it with Lit is more annoying to lose. Plus youíll need your lit for that ONE stupid red-sahag that lives through your lit2.

7:44 Collected about 3000 on the sea, gonna stock up on tents and heals, and go to finger pt. again.

12 tents & 37 heals. Hope thatís enough. :)

Met my stun-death end on some geists between pravoka and FP. Continued from inn save.

Prolly coulda taken that GrOgre with ice2, but I didnít wanna waste anything on something way smaller than what Iíll NEED my spells for later.

Arrived, a little bit down on hp, but alive and kicking. Tent saved.

4 giants pwníed me.

No biggie, I only died.

3 giants pwníed me.

No biggie, I only died.

4 ZOMBULLS!!!! FIR2!!!

Doh, got it off, but they all lived and still killed me. Need enough hp to launch 2 of them, at least.

4 giants pwníed me.

No biggie, I only died.

4 giants pwníed me.


4 giants pwníed me.


3 Zombulls and a troll. Pwnage.

WTF!!!!! 2 Wyverns? Where the hell did those come from?

Well, cool. I got them. 3 Ice2ís and 2 iceís to finish off the last one, and they die, and I win. Sweet.

Díoh, forgot to save, started another battle, and hit giants. I fled. Then I healed and tent-saved.

2 more giant battles in a row kill me. Díoh.


Pwnage. He got me.

2 more sets of giants. SHEESH.

Several more battles later, FINALLY, I get 4 frost wolves. But I have 42 hp from running so much. Díoh.

Yep, died.

Died. 4 Zombulls.

F**** D*** Moth********** C******** PIECE OF **** **********monkey******************************************************* ************************CRAP-SUCKING***************************************

Finally, FINALLY, I get some frost wolves. Seven of them. Hit the fir2 button, and BAM, they all go first and kill me. *sigh*

Died. 4 Zombulls.

Died. 3 Giants.

Died. 2 Zombulls and a troll.

Died. 4 Zombulls.

Died. 4 Frost Wolves. They got first strike, and even though I managed to get off a fir2 the next turn, it only killed 2, and I died soon after.

Died. 2 Giants.

Died. 2 Trolls Ė 2 Zombulls


4 Frost wolves. I won. Got a level. Didnít get a vit pt. Died purposefully on next battle.

Died. Giants

Died. 7 Frost wolves *cries*

Died. Zombulls.

Died. Zombulls and troll.

Died. Zombulls and troll.

Died. Zombulls.

Died. Giants.

F*** IT!!! F*** IT ALL!!!! No more of this S***!!! Died. Zombulls.

Going back.


Got a level again, about 4 battles between Finger and Pravoka. Didnít get a vit pt, so I died again on purpose. GRR.

Made it back to Pravoka again, only without the level. I only made 400 bucks, and most of that was on the stupid wolves on the way back, the stupid regular kind.

Level, no vit pt, reset.


Level 14 Ė 186 HP

Note: Ice2 can kill a horde of sahags in one hit too.

Oddeye Stun Death.

Oddeye Stun Death.

Gained a level, no vit pt. So I died.


Level 15 Ė 190 HP

Marsh cave time.

Coneria Ė Bought up to 99 heals, 26 pures, and the 10 tents I already had. 6g remains.

Save at Elf town inn. Here we go.

Final Fantasy Originís Walkthrough pages are down, so I donít remember what Items are where, with the acception of the crown, but I donít remember anything good in here for only a BM anyway, so I go straight for the crown.

F*** Didnít savestate in front of the wizards. I hosed their asses with ice2, but they still managed to kill me off. So, itís back to my tent save at the beginning of the cave.

Ok, back to the wizards. Healed up and savestated this time.

Díoh, died.

Psh, won, but barely. It took a lit2 and 2 ice2ís. The lit2 was a mistake.

Crown is MINE.

Heal and savestate.

I didnít die at all going in. I died an ASTONISHINGLY large number of times coming out. GEEZ, thank goodness for savestates.

Tent saved outside of NW castle.

Astos was cake. First try. 2 Ice2ís and a few lit2ís. He never even hit me. He tried to rub me, then he just spent all his time doing status spells, or speed spells, or whatever. But they were useless in the end, BUAHAHAHA.

Tent saved.

Elf town Inn saved.

Got the Herb.

Coneria Inn saved.

Elf town inn saved.

Mystic key.

Tent saved at NW castle.

Elf town inn saved Ė sold the extra stuff.

Coneria inn saved.

Got my ass handed to me at TOF several times, but I didnít die. I used about 20 heal pots though. Gargoyles suck.


Sold extra stuff.

Coneria Inn Save.


Dwarf cave, gave away TNT, going to Crescent Lake. I have 22548 g, and a good set of EQ to sell from dwarf cave as well. Iíll be going to Crescent to buy stuff and level for a bit.

9:00 Still Ė Level 16 Ė This time I ONLY got a vit point. *sigh* Thatís all I REALLY need though, so Iíll just cope.

Stopped off at Melmond to buy fir3 and Save at the inn, since I got a level, and this will be a pretty long sea ride. Psh, wasnít so long Ė 2 battles. The real test is getting across the land part to Crescent though.

Fir3 handed some cobras their asses.

Tent save

Died. Pedes. OMG, thatís what I was thinking I should do when I tent saved, and here it is, I died. I wish I were that fore-knowing all the time.

Inn save Ė Crescent.

Well, sold the armor, BM canít use anything else from here.

Sold some weapons, and was gonna buy a silver knife, but I picked one up in the dwarf cave, so that was cool.

Bought lit3. Thatíll do some ass handing to some sea creatures. Too bad I donít have a canoe, that would be better than the zeus gauntlet my previous log characters had to use.

Wasted 200 just to do another inn save at crescent.

Bought up to 99 heal potions again.

Now Iím gonna level

Damn, I stopped playing for a while. Maybe half an hour. So, I stopped at about 9:05 Ė 9:10, and I think Iíll stay stopped until later tonight.


Logging Off

June 15, 2004


Remember that bottleneck at Earth Cave I was talking about at the beginning? Yea. Iím somewhere real close to THAT. My advantage is that I can actually do some DAMAGE. In fact, the black mage (after you get a "2" spell) is the easiest of the three. White mage started off the best, because she can cast ruse by herself, without the defense. Thief struggled the WHOLE way through. But, BM, he just blasts the hell out of anything stupid enough to cross his pathÖ given that he can blast them to death in like 1 or 2 turns. And then of course itís back to the inn to either restore hp or spell slots. Honestly though, I donít think Iíll run out once I fill enough slots, save MAYBE the final TOF. But anyway:

Logging in.

Iím off in Crescent Lake, and as is usually custom (I think) I managed to kill my first giant. It took a Lit3 and a few Fir3ís.

After several more battles (and maybe 2 or 3 deaths.) I beat a pair of giants. Still havenít gained a level :(

Remember that level? Got it. Didnít get a vit pt. Díoh. Died on purpose.

AAAAND again.

AAAAND again.

Ahh, got it

9:31 Ė Level 17 Ė 198 HP Ė 16 vit, hehehe.

I missed the vit point on my very first level, but I made sure to get it from then on, because I will be NEEEEEDING those hit points.

That Level gives me a second Lit3 to cast. NICE. That kills all cobras and scorpions in one shot, and it deals enough to nearly cripple the bigger monsters too.

Wow, it was a lucky shot, but a single lit3 can take out a bull. Nice.

Wow, several battles later, another lucky lit3 takes out a troll. Nice.

Sadly, since I said that lit3 takes out all the cobras and scorpions, Iíve not won a SINGLE battle with them, cuz one or two live the first lit3 hit, and then kill me.

PSH, ONE battle later, Iím poisoned, but I win a cobra/scorpion battle, and I gain a level.


Level 18 Ė 226 hp

This one gives me another fir3, making 4 fir3ís and 2 lit3ís

Díoh, a pede ran away, leaving me with a whopping 1 exp and 0 gold for all my effort.

After being poisoned several times at the end of a battle, I decided to restock on pures. And since I was there, I bought up on heals (which I donít remember being low, but owell)

99 heals Ė 99 pures

Right now, Iím doing a 1 battle Ė 1 inn visit scheme. I have plenty of spells, but I get down to like 15 hp remaining almost every battle, so Iíve not been courageous enough to try a second battle. I die pretty often too.

Shit. My buying of heals and pures was undone when I apparently died and inn continued from a point immediately before I bought them. Bah.

Bah, level minus vit point.





FINALLY Ė 9:56 Level 19 Ė 231 HP Ė 18 Vit.

OOH, an extra Fir3 AND Lit3.

10:02 Ė Level 20 -- OOOH, a level 7 magic point. Too bad itíll be useless forÖ I dunno.. a few more DAYS! Sheesh. I hope itís not actually a few more days *SIGH*


Finally got 20 K for another spell.

I went for QAKE

QAKE seems pretty effective. It hasnít worked on giants, but it works on everything else almost every time.

BAH, level without vit.



10:14 - Level 21

Iím gonna try to get the vampire.

I get to melmond with 20 or so HP. Get this, five sahagís and 2 oddeyes. They stun me, and then the oddeyes run away. THEN, I STAY stunned for about 20 turns while the sahags all take many hits on me, before they all flee. I win, a paralyzed pile of flesh rended goo, with 1 exp and 0 gold. *SIGH*

Bought a silver bracelet.

I made a stupid mistake. I was half way to the vampire when I realized I was killing everything I came across. I was almost out of "3" spells, and wouldnít have any "2" spells by the time I reached the vampire. Loaded from my tent save.

Ouch, in the room, about 3 battles from the Vampire, and some Wizards just HAMMERED me. I used Ice2 on them to save the "3" Ďs on the vampire. Canít run from WizardsÖ. *sigh*

First attempt on Vampire, he stunned me, I died. Loaded from savestate (which was me standing in front of him, before battle). Fought again, and won, but I tried to use QAKE and it didnít work, all 3 times, so I used all but 1 of my available "3" spells, so I loaded again, and just used Fir3 twice. That got him this time, so Iím good.

Met up with some stun bastards on the way out. Had to use savestates to run away from them.

BAH, 2 in a row, had to do the same again.

OUCH, that HURT. 4 Wizards. Lit3 and an Ice2. Maybe 6 more heal potions used.

Ogres got first strike and hit me down pretty far, on the way out, used more heals.

PHEW, made it to melmond and saved. I didnít get anything accept the Ruby whilst in Earth cave.

Sarda. I got the chests in Titianís cave too.

Melmond inn save.

Well, thankfully the walkthrough stuff is back up at Final Fantasy Origins. WEE. Maybe just marsh cave is broken?

Anyway, all the items and stuff in chests blow, so Iím gonna skip them. Black mage doesnít want or need much in the way of items.

Earth cave entrance, tent save.

Thankfully I savestated just after I rodded the plate. The problem is though my next battle is wizards. And Iím gonna gain a level. And I didnít get a vit pt my first time, so I loaded the savestate.

Next time I got it though:

Level 22 Ė 270 hp

Earth orb. I donít feel like writing any descriptive nonsense about how cool it is that Iím finally here.

3 Fir3ís and heís down. Uneventful battle.

*talking to a sage in crescent lake*

Thanks, it wasnít so difficult, he was just at the bottom of a huge dungeon, but otherwise it was easy, yíknow, he is weak to fire andÖÖ

FIRE fiend. Well, Iíll have to go find ICE3 but I think I know where I can do that, but I donít know if I can GET thereÖ

CANOE you sayÖ. CANOE? HMMMM the very same canoe I can use to get a floater and then an AIRSHIP, and then a RAT TAIL and then a CLASS CHANGE and then NUKE?

Psheaw, Iíll get to that rat fink fire fiend someday, but thereís so much STUFF to get and do first!

Filled up on Heals and pures and bought 10 cabins.

Crescent Inn Saved.

Going for floater.

Cabin Saved in front of the Ice Cave.

FFO says thereís no good chests (lots of gold, which IS useful, but easily getable elsewhere)

Died, First battle.

Died again, first battle.

Made it to the HUGE pile of stun bastards at the bottom. Savestated before I started the battle, and thenÖ wellÖ see in a second.

BOO YA. Fir3 owns all.

Back up the stairs, and I grabbed the 10,000 g just for the heck of it, since itís right there.

And then those other 3 chests, 9k gold and an ice shield. And a tent, bah.

The EYE stoned me. Iím so stoned man.

Then he just killed me. (I savestated in front of the spot)



Finally got a lit3 off, killed him in 1 shot. Nice.


Grr. Stun bastards again.

They stun-deathed me the first time, but the second time I fir3íd them.

Needless to say, without savestates, this dungeon would take ten or fifteen tries.

Díoh. Mages got me. I ended up at my last savestate before the second time I got hit by the stun bastards.

Mages again.

And again

And again

And again

Again about 300 times. *cries*

I guess Iím stuck, they have first strike, so I canít even use savestates. Iíll have to start from my cabin save. F**** S**** D**** C*********** PIECE-OF ********* MONKEY **********


Ok, back down to the stun bastard spot.

Eye spot.






Finally. Got 2 lit2ís off. It died.

Ok, got out. I died about 2 more times, but I loaded the savestate and killed them the second try. No mages thankfully.

Ok, got the airship. I am down to like 42 heal potions. Stopping by Coneria to grab some and heal at the inn. Since theyíre cheap, I got 99 tents too. 99 heals Ė 99 pures.

Relieved the dragons of their gold, and then bought Ice3 in Gaia. :D

Now I canít afford a Proring or a Gold bracelet. *sigh*

Bought a bunch of cabins here, since theyíre so easy to buy with a turbo button.

Back at Crescent, leveling in the river.

Doh, level without vit pt.



Got it. Level 23 Ė 276 hp

*sigh* I canít afford to fight on the river. It costs more at the Crescent inn than the sea monsters give you every battle.

Finger Point. Very easy to get to with airship, and I can use Coneria Inn, which is super cheap.

YEEEEAAAH. Seven Frost wolves starts me off, giving me 1400 gold. NICE.

Thatís enough. Iím going to the waterfall.

Cabin saved at waterfall entrance.

Bah, died.


Again - this time, on the monsters guarding the door.


AAHHH, finally. Got the defense, a ribbon, the cube, and a LEVEL


Level 24 Ė 282 hp

Making it out without getting stoned was MUCH easier than making it in.

Heading to Castle of ordeals, after I heal somewhere.

Bought a ProRing. I need it more NOW than I need to wait and find it later.

Bought up to 83 cabins.

Coneria Ė saved, bought up to 99 heals and pures again.

OMG. All this timeÖ Remember when I was talking about a silver dagger? I still havenít equipped it. I was organizing my heal staff and defense, so I could start using them, and noticed my weapon isnít equipped. Wow.

Castle of ordeals.

Gold bracelet, nice.

Got the tail. Killed the zombie dragon.

Sold my extra weapons and armor. I only kept the defense and the heal staff. I donít use the dagger anyway.

Bought heal potions, and pure potions, and then inn saved at coneria.


Logging off for a while, I have to run an errand.


Iím back. Going for class change.

WHAT? I look like a pansy ass soldier with a cape on the worldmap, and I look like a Lame ass in the status window. *sigh* Nuke and warp had better be worth this insult.

Speaking of warp, got WARP and BANE.





OK, so that fills everything below level 7. I am down to about 20 K, so Iíll go get some money, Probably in the Sea Shrine, since itís water, and Lit3 will rule so much, and it should give good money being itís such a high level shrine. I may also make it up to the top floor, and relieve all those chests of all that expensive opal.

Coneria inn save.

Bah. Level gain without vit pt. *sigh*




Isnít this supposed to be a 50/50 chance?







I am back to EXACTLY the point I was at when I logged back in, because I made a lousy savestate error. I just HATE that. You try NOT to use the savestates, and as soon as you accidentally by reflex load savestate instead of going the long way to the continue button, you lose everything, because the new savestate over-writes the old cfg, including your inn-saves. Crap.

Well, then I donít have my spells, and I didnít get the class change, and BAH, I quit. Iíll do it some other time, ta ta.

Logging off


June 16, 2004


I plan to redo everything I lost yesterday.

Class change.


All spells below level 7. 20 K gold, Sea Shrine, Lit3 and that level thatís impossible to get a vit point. Yadda yadda.

Coneria inn save.

F-K Canít go in sea shrine without oxyale, and I donít have the money to buy the bottle, to go to the sea shrine and get money. F-K.

Back to the dreaded Ice Cave. Iím gonna go kill eyes.


Level 25 Ė Wizards on the way in Ė First battle actually

Eyes would never be an option without savestates, because you canít just say OOPS, didnít get a vit pt, LOAD. Youíd have to go somewhere else.

Level 26

Level 27 Ė 327 hp Ė 11:01 Ė 109 K gold

Iím using the Zeus Gauntlet, BTW.

For a while I was using the defense once before I started zeusíing him, but he kills me more often by XFER and then whatever spell manages to kill me after that. Either that, or some other instant death spell that works even with my ribbon. ??? Anyway, he hits me often enough that I have to use heal pots, but, Iíll just keep going here until I run out of those, and then use the Warp spells that I saved, and warp out. I spent most of everything else getting here, it was hard without being able to use Fir3. Honestly, I donít know how he kills me in one hit, but if I try to melee him, he pulls something off, and kills me instantly.

Level 28

Level 29

First turn, no WAY he could have done XFER, he stoned me. So, ribbon makes you RESISTANT, not immune.

NICE, level 30 Ė all 5 stats went up a point.

374 HP

200K gold

NICE, level 31 Ė all 5 stats went up a point.

382 HP

Level 32 Ė Half my heal potions are gone

NO. I saw it, it was RUB. Rub got me, one hit, no questions asked. I didnít think rub worked when you had a ribbon. Bummer


Level 33 Ė 398 hp Ė 300 K gold

Iím leaving. I think Iím quite a bit stronger. I have five level 7 & 8 spells where as previously, I had 3 level 7 and 0 level 8. I have enough money to buy LOTS of stuff. Not EVERYTHING, but lots of stuff.


Warp isnít as nice as Exit, but itís still nice.

Crescent lake inn save.



XXXX, Zap!

And, yes, those of you who are as patheticly addicted to this game as me will notice that I just went from Gaia to Leifen to Gaia, just so my spell order would be in the order I want it to be. Owell.



Sea Shrine

Díoh. I was going through the sea shrine, and I gained a level. No vit pt. So, I loaded, and I was all the way back to the save I made 2 steps BEFORE the sea shrine.


Black mage is hard, not because heís so weak, but because you WANT to rely so much more on your super powerful spells. And so, the weakness is not the fact he uses those spells, or is so weak in other areas, but the fact that you want to keep using those spells over and over and over again, and with the magic system this game has, itís impossible to do that.

Whereís a FAERIE WALNUT when you need one. *snaps fingers*


Saving and logging off for now.

August 28, 2004

2:56 am

Logging in.


Personal update: I took a quarter of classes at the university (not telling which one, so donít ask). Two math classes. Vector calculus, and differential equations. Ouch. I got good grades though, so thatís good. Bad news, I didnít finish this game for a long time. Well, now, Iím gonna try while Iím still (in-)sane enough to try it. Although I donít remember totally where Iím at, so, Iíll just go by ear.

Level 34

Ahhh, yes. I was leveling. But more than that, I was making sure to get a vit pt every single level. Now I remember. :)

Ok, got slab, and other goodies from entrance to sea shrine to mermaids.

Opal Bracelet is nice.

Light Axe is ok.

For some STRANGE reason, I hadnít WASTED 45k gold on BLND yet, so I went ahead and did that. That fills all of my magic spell slots.

Ok, now I speak Leif.

BAH. Stupid not vit point level takes me back to the last inn save, just after slab. Bah.

Saved after I did BLND and Leif, this time, trying to walk to Leif, gain that level, AND get a vit pt. Not workingÖ.

Took about TEN tries. BAH, each level gets harder and harder to force it to give me that vit pt.


Iím gonna start tie-ing up loose ends. Gurgu Volcano.


Two Nukes. :P What a pushover.

WaitÖ there was something elseÖ OH YEA! Thereís ITEMS in Gurgu Volcano. Owell, I guess Iíll leave them ALL behind, since itís too late nowÖ

Wow, halfway down to Kraken, and I just used all but my VERY LAST heal potion. Iíll have to stock up after this.

Bah, I swear, if I have to heal from almost dead using defense and heal staff one more timeÖ.


I have 50 ish hp going into the battle.

Attempt 1: I cast every single bane I had. Did nothing to him. Maybe thatís Tiamat. Anyway, I died after about 5 rounds.

Attempts 2-10: Died first round.

Finally, AGAIN, I got into another regular battle, healed up to max using heal staff, and now I try again with full health.

And success.

I saved all of my NUKEís for this battle, and he still took ALL of them, and more. I had to finish him off with one more Lit3 after the nukes. CRAAAAZY.


Iím level 36.

I may have forgotten to mention a level in there somewhereÖ Probably not, but maybe.

Coneria Ė 99 Heal, Pure, Tent again.

Iím already sick of this game.

Could you imagine this: Some guy walks in to Coneria. He sells NINE PIECES of EPIC level equipment. Walks out five times richer. I donít think the Coneria shopkeepers MAKE enough money selling cloth and wooden armor to buy Opal crap. Owell. Maybe they had a trust fund, and just decided to BLOW it on Opal Armor. Good reason to become an adventurer, but otherwiseÖ

Bah. Either thereís a Blue Dragon random encounter in Mirage Tower, or I found a new "battle spot." Either way, I wasnít prepared, and I died. Iím back at Coneria just after I sold all that stuff.

Logging off


Oct. 22, 2004


Logging in

Gonna take Tiamat, if I can get to him.

Died on first floor. Fuck it, Iíll try again next month.

Logging off 7:50

January 31, 2005

12:50 pm

Wow. More than a month since I played last, hehehe.

Fall quarter is over, I passed Computer Science Ė tíwas cake, and another diff-eq class Ė that sucked. I also took a math reasoning class. Very interesting, but very hard.

After reading my log here again, I think Iím going for tiamat. On the other hand, Iím not max level, so I think Iíll just level to 50 as fast as I can.

I might do my next log using EPSXE and FF Origins. After that, Iíll post the log on FF OriginsÖ. Rriiiiiight. I built another computer from then to now, so I have a lot more power too. I can actually run EPSXE at about 15x the normal speed, which rules. Thatís a hella fast playstation emulator! Hmmmm, just to piss off Collector, I might do a BB next. FFO lets you level to 99, which ALSO means a BB does about 8000 damage per hit. Sure, Iíll suck ass till then, but 8000 fugging damage man! *GLEE*

Ok, back to the task at hand. Turning on FCEU ultra, and playing that stupid ass Black Mage. At least Iím no so angry I wanna destroy my keyboard now.

Crap, no joystickÖ. Crap, ok, Iím installing it again.

Ok, I think itís configured, testingÖ


I think Iím ready, it seems to be working. Iíll tell you if I have any problems of course :)

What the hell game is this again?

Ice cave. Iím thinking eyes.

Wow, mage staff owns these things. Wait, you donít know my eq. Neither do I reallyÖ

Defense E- Opal Bracelet

Heal Staff E- Ribbon

Light Axe E- ProRing

Mage Staff Zeus

Defensively sucks, but Offensive! Well, I suppose there is the defense and heal staffÖ

Wow, 235615 g. Crazy.

Kewel. I just PWNED some stun bastards with the mage staff.

More pwnage.


Level without vit pt. I remember that much, and how that sucks. Loading from innsave. *Whimper* I donít know what button is the load, and which is the save. Iíve screwed up so many savegames this way.

Well, I looked it up. Itís F5 to save and F7 to loadÖ But unfortunatelyÖ I donít seem to HAVE any savestatesÖ I really hope I didnít lose my white mage savestate, I liked THAT oneÖ

Ok, cabin save at entrance to ice cave again. I want level fifty so bad, I can taste its leveley fiftyness.

Wow, those mages are persistent. Got like 3 groups in a row. Slaughtered them all, but still. Lost a few hp. Why was this so hard earlier? Probably Tiamatís tower is a little shittier than this lowbie zone. Owell. Got a level, no vit pt, loaded from a savestate halfway though the mages.


1:24 Ė Level 37 Ė Afterwards, I did a defense healstaff combo to heal up.

Iím at the eye. Skipped all the chests that I skipped last time. Nothing for a BM anyway.

Doh, vit-less level. Load savestate. Two more times, andÖ

Level 38

Level 39 Ė first try with vit pt, sweet.

Level 40 Ė first try with vit pt, sweet.

Wow, pwnage. I got killed by squint. My first death this yearÖ

Level 41

Damn, stoned. How does this happen?

Level 42

Díoh, failed to get vit pt. Iím surprised I got all those others without having to redo.


Level 43

Level 44

Damn. No vit pt.





I saved instead of loaded.

Owell, Iíll get a grand total of what, 2 extra hp at this point? Screw it.

Bah, stoned

Dude! Stoned again. Iím such a stoner.

Or would it be the eye thatís the stoner. Yes, the Eye does the stoning, so the Eye is such a stoner. :P

Level 46. This one took about 3 tries to get the vit pt.

This blows. After 46, I got stoned again. Loaded, to pre-46, and now I canít get that vit pt back. *sigh*

Man, ok crap. Ok. Arg.

Level 46 minus the vit pt. Crapcola.

Back to my previous playstation comment. The nes version features linear leveling exp gains after about level 30 or so (donít remember exactly, but every level Iíve had to get here has been VERY close to 30k exp. The playstation has an exponential curve, Iím pretty sure, so thatís gonna suck.


Level 47 minus the vit pt.

Ooh, 48 WITH a vit pt.

49 With the almighty 45th vit pt. Another wonít help, So I can just focus on getting thatÖ. lastÖ level.

Whattya know, I need 29993 exp for the last level. Thatís only an imp or two from what I needed for 37 or 38.

Level 50

Final stats:

Str 19, Agi 30, Int 69, vit 45, luck 34. Hp is a HUGE 620. Iím pretty sure black mages rarely get over 400. I can be mistaken, but I believe so. According to my statistics, from when I was making a copy of this game that plays on a browser (donít ask, I finished everything but the battle, and thereís no way I can do it the way I wanted to, so itíll never get done.), max hp is 662. Average is 523 so I guess I was wrong. Min is still 401 so I guess itís not unheard of to never reach 500. Either way, Iím pretty close to max. Way over the average. Most everything else doesnít matter. Tiamat time!

Cornfieldhellia inn save.

671893 g remains.

Second floor, five vampires stun deathed me. WTF, should be immune to stunÖ

Blue dragon spot. Here goes.

Checking the walkthrough, I missed the Thor Hammer. Replaces the Zeus gauntlet, and frees up a slot so I can use more armor. Woot.

Ok, I heal up, again, and prepare to take the blue dragon, again.

Done. Hurts, but I have potion. Getting bane, and then moving to next floor.

Díoh. Five badmen SLAUGHTERED me. Sucked. Had to load savestate, which also sucked. It was right between the blue dragon for the first time, and before I got thor. Díoh.

Owell, I used less heal this time. I did a defense/healstaff on some vampires on the way back from thor. Mostly because they almost killed me.

Augh. I fought blue a few times. I only died once, but I was so low on hpís after each battle, I prolly wouldnít be able to defense/heal well fast enough before I died, PLUS, I donít wanna use THAT many potions, so I eventually gave up, used a nuke and moved on.

Ok, got the bane. A set of badmen KICKED MY ARSE. I traded light axe for bane, thor and light axe in storage (dead chars) and I still have zeus. I havenít found a procape yet, but thereís one real close, so Iíll trade that around when I get it.

Oh, man. Another set almost finished me. Had to use heal potions.

2:47 pm

Next Floor

Black shirt. I lose ten absorb if I use it, but it casts Ice2Ö. Tough choice. I donít recall any fire monsters HERE, so Iíll just storage it. Tempting though.

Grabbed the White shirt, even though itís HIGHLY unlikely Iíll use it. Skipped the rest.

Next Floor

Procapeage. I traded out zeus. Wonít be useful here anyway, and my mage staff is cool. So, now Iíve got max armor possible. Joy.

Next two floors uneventful. Iím on the warmech floor, letís just hope I donít hit one of thoseÖ

OK, tiamat time. I heal up, and get ready too receive a pounding.

OOOHH yea. I received a pounding alright. First attempt, I used the bane sword a bunch until I died, and he didnít. Díoh. Next attempt, SEVEN NUKES. Finally I got him.

Cornhole inn

Ok, tired. TOTALLY not interested in the TOF atm. Itís 3:06 and Iím logging off. See you when I see you!

Feb. 6, 2005

2:44 pm

Logging in.

Iím going for Chaos, then if I succeed, Iím gonna start right in on my projected Black Belt Log, using EPSXE and the playstation version. 8000 damage is sooo gonna rule.


Iím in TOF past, time to end this. This took WAY too damn long.

Died, gas dragons second floor. Ice dragons on the first floor did too much damage too me though, and I realized I had very little heal potions. I figured I should just start over anyway, so I didnít try to keep myself alive against the ice dragons.

Equiping the black shirt instead of my opal bracelet. I need some elemental defense, and the defense itself should keep me away from physical harm.

Died, near the same place. NINE badmen.

Iím already thinking this is gonna be a long afternoon.

Wow, four gas dragons. I seriously suck. Either that, or these bitch super battles are just not fair to a solo character.

BTW, remind me to save after I get new potions and change equipment. Itíd save me some time in the future :P

Large groups of frost dragons just suck. Thereís nothing I can do against them, to heal up in-battle. I have to hope I donít get ANOTHER of those killer battles on the next floor.

WTF, 3 gas dragons. *SIGH*. Died.

WTF, 9 badmen. Is there ANYTHING un-hard on this floor? Yea, died. I lasted about 6 turns all defenseíd but when they get that many attacks, thereís not much I can do. They are gonna get a critical sooner or later, and they got me to 38 in the turns leading up to my using the defense 3 times. *sigh*

Wow, 5 badmen. I managed to kill exactly 4 of them, spent forever getting full life again, between constant critical hits busting through my defenseís but after I got full health on heal staff, and then hit 4 gas dragons I was a goner. This is the FIRST time I got ALMOST to the door, and the room with the stairway (itís like third floor, if you count that little tiny room with two stairways as the 2nd floor, but itís the second REAL floor.

Screw it. I am starting a black belt on EPSXE. I may do an EPSXE black mage, since he can get level 99, and a ton more hpís. That *might* help. Iím bored and donít feel like getting my ass handed to me a million more times as a BM now though.

Signing out. 3:08