White Mage Journal

This is the journal of a Single Black Belt who set out to Ö UhÖ save somethingÖ erÖ were there orbs involved? OOH! LOOK! Something shiny! *walks away*

So, this is the fourth Final Fantasy log, where I play the game through as a single character, killing the 3 of my friends, and moving on alone without them. Unlike before, Iím switching to the playstation where I will be kept honest (much less savestating Ė I just donít tend to do it as often for psx games, dunno why) and in order to switch from slow speed to fast speed, I have to totally shut down and restart the emulator, which simply sucks, and will be my major reason for using savestates, if and when I use them. BB has a distinct early disadvantage, for the first few levels. BB just sucks. BB has a distinct ADVANTAGE against the wizards in marsh cave, more defense and damage than any of my previous characters had. Using EPSXE, I can save ALL my items, not just a select few, and I think I can even use any of them in battle, without the NES problem of using only the ones you have on that char. And of course, at the end of the game, I should be so godawful powerful that nothing can even hit me, survive more than 1 hit, or otherwise stop me in any way. Go me.


Feb. 06, 2005

3:17 pm

Stuck the disk in, and am firing up the emulator.

OOOH, I have an option here! Iíll go normal mode (as opposed to easy mode) just for fairness. Itís already gonna be pretty easy, lol.

I figure thieves are the easiest to kill, so I made Gnor, AAAAAA, AAAAAA, and AAAAAA, a Monk, 3 thief party.

Díoh, damn it all. I was gonna advance my savegame from before, and I forgot to continue from the previous bonus data Iíve already beaten. Starting over.

Ok, got to previous point, equipped Gnord with a nunchuck, and middle armor. They changed all the names, darn them. Owell, next I go and talk to the king, since they are blocking my exit from the town. Like I donít know what to do, sheesh.

I think the true horror of the situation (I wasnít gonna mention it, but now I will anyway.) They switched the buttons on me. The accept button is the cancel button, the cancel button is the accept button. Owell, that sucks. I could change my joystick to correct it at that level, but Iíll just get used to it.

Battle. Wow, the controls are unusable at that speed. I canít correctly select an item and use it. I had to savestate and switch the speeds.

Arg, what a pain. Ok, I have all my characters using an item, that is not consumed, and not effective. The button memory is on, so now I switched back to high speed and am gonna wait till something dies. OH, btw, first battle was five imps. Gnord killed one already, but Iím gonna hold out on killing more till the battle is over. OH, one more thingÖ you can buy items in bulk! CHEER!

Used three expensive heal potions, but I kept Gnord alive, and all the thieves are dead. DIE THIEVES! Anyway, went to the inn, and then Iíll go level.

Argh, it turns out Iíve gotta change my buttons anyway, since start no longer opens the menu. Crapola. Ok, changing it all around.



Level 2 and 3 (buncha imp battles)

Removed my armor

I get a ton more evade, and 1 point less armor value, which goes up next level anyway, so screw it.

OMG. I tried garland. I got pwned bad. Owell.

Díoh, walked too far north, was too confident in myself. Got killed by a crazy horse.

Level 4 and 5

4:11 pm

Gonna try garland again.

Removed my weapon, it drops my power by 6, but it increases my # of hits, so itís kinda worth it. NOW IíM NAKED!


Level 6 Ė This is SOOO slow.

Gonna Try Garland again.

GLEE, killed Garland. He was a pushover. I guess more hits, and the level did the trick. Off to Pravoka. I think I even might live to make it there!

And so their journey b- OOH, over here, shiney!

Lizards are big fat ugly meanies who like killed me. Geez. How rude.

Pravoka. Donít need anything, so I just took out the Pirates (First try, OMG!) And got the ship. Moving on.

Wow, first sea battle. 2 red sahagís and 5 sahags. I died. I tried to run the whole time, but alas.

Privateers that time, 3 of em.

Yíknow what? I think itís nice in Pravoka. I think Iíll stick around for a whileÖ. YeaÖ

Ok, level 7.

Yíknow ogreís are pretty rich. I was barely scraping up the inn fee after every battle for a while, and BAM ogre gives me 4 inn visits worth of cash. Well, I got a level like the next battle, so I headed to corn-hole-ellia by ship and actually MADE it this time. So, now Iím off to elf-hole-ellia-land.

Wow, by sea, the travel was light and quick with no interesting events. Of course, the parade in my honor when I arrived was a surprise. I mean, they mobilized a whole group to come out and personally greet meÖ. with their teeth and clubs. I was honored, until you count thatÖ wholeÖ dieing thing.

Ok, coneria sea fighting. I die 3 times, win 1, die 3 times, win 1, etc. Really slow, but better than imps.


Level 8


Level 9

Itís going a little faster now, I can actually kill every group, and I donít die as often.

So, I buy 99 potion. Then I buy a few pures. I cure my poison. Then I head to the inn, and they say "not enough!"

So, I have to fill up on potion. What a waste.

Level 10

I am outside marsh cave. I died after I bought my potions, so Iím going in with about 10 potions.

Stun death, first battle.

Iím at the crown, poisoned, and low hpís. Iím gonna use up my potions, and hope I can just kill the things. Astos should be easy if I can take these and live to get out of here.


I started the battle before I used heal. You guys distracted me, BAH!

I had 1hp going into the battle, it was doom.

Third time in. I made it to the crown, running away from everything, very lucky. Almost no damage, and I think this is as good as itís gonna get for me.

Here I go.

HOLY SHIT! They did so much damage. No way. I was pwned so bad.

Well crap. A few hundred thousand sea battles it is thenÖ


Level 12

Logging off

Feb. 07, 2005

9:00ish AM

Forgot to log in. Iíve been leveling for a few minutes on the sea.

Gogglerís suck, stundeath sucks more.

Iíve decided I wanted to switch to Ogres and stuff outside Elfheim. I would prefer poison over stundeath.

That, and I donít need a cheap inn, since Iím NEVER gonna use up this money.

Ok, Iím almost to the next level, Iím gonna try finger point after this.

Yíknow what really sucks? Large numbers of wolves. Anything else and I can just pwn them, but wolves survive so many rounds. My DAMAGE is huge, but I can still only hit 1 target.

Level 13

Ok, finger point time. I figure frost wolves will destroy me, but Iím sure with my just awesome damage, I should be able to take out almost anything else if I encounter it solo. So letís hope.


Potions 99, Antidote 71, Sleeping Bag 58, Chance in hell 0

WHOA, MOTHER F******ER! I was walking to FP, and a band of scorpions just slaughtered me. They did like fifty damage apiece! Loading from pravoca inn save.

Alright, finger point. I got in a sleeping bag save, and now Iím gonna try my luck, and hope I find something solo.

WOW, that sucked. Four hill gigas. Bogus. Still killed one, but the others got their revenge.

Nope, a necrotaur and 2 trolls, whatever their new name is. Died again, still killed one again.

Oh, man! Two necrotaur. Coulda got them with a little more luck, it was basically down to the last hit, and I missed and he hit. *sigh*

Nice! I was wrong, four winter wolves, and Iím alive, less than 100 hps, and 1500 exp richer. Iíll potion up and try again.

Five wolves, and a lot less luck later, and I died.

2 hill gigas pwn me.

3 hill gigas pwn me.

4 hill gigas pwn me.

OH HELL SHIT YEA! Take that you monkey loving turdÖ uhÖ. MonkeyÖ Anyway, killed 2 hill gigas. It was carnage, I almost died. I got lucky near the end, with a few high damage hits on the second one. I thought they had me, but GLEE!

1 Necrotaur, 2 Trolls (they kept the same name, omg) pwn me.

6 winter wolves pwn me.

4 Necrotaurs pwn me.

again. I didnít even kill one that time, that sucked.

I fought the 4 hill gigas of ass kicking. They won. But one of them died too, proving Iím still stronger.

3 hill gigas

6 winter wolves

5 wwís

1 N and 1 T, I almost had them.

4 hg, no chance.

7 ww, no prayer

FOUR N wow.

5 ww, it was close

4 hg, bleh

3 N, 1 T

2 HG, I shoulda gotten them, it just sucked all the rolls against me.

2 HG, they get first strike, bleh.

Gosh, I only need one more battle to level, maybe it knows that. Ever notice that? You can never win that unlikely battle that will also give you your level?

7 ww

NICE, 1 N, 1 T, a little luck, and I gained a level.

Level 14 Ė 262 hp (not a very large bonus this time)

3 more deaths, and then a WYVERN! I got it, and didnít even take any damage. Sweet.

Iíve noticed something while I was at finger point. Memo files. The memo file is a temporary save, done at the menu, that lets you start up from the world. I dunno if it works in town or in a dungeon, but itís basically a savestate. One that canít be used to win an individual battle though. Kinda nice, and it also makes you not have to go through twelve menus and a bunch of yes or no options where the default placement is on "no" Really annoying, because I canít really fine tune something like that, when it loops and because Iím running the game so fast, and I canít slow it down. So, in the yes/no menus, I just press a button, hold it, and release after a second, hoping it lands on the one I want. :P

7 or 8 deaths (it takes too long to document each one, nearly triples the time it takes to die, :P)

2 HGís, and I win with 18 hp remaining.

Wow, another 2 Hgís, and I win with 62 hps. I figured for sure I was dead, but I got two good hits in, as well as him missing once.

WOW, I beat 2 Nís. First time I did it. I was really lucky, every hit accept the killing blows were over 100 damage.

AWW DAMN! I messed up. I think I lost the victory on one of those battles. I usually potion up and use a sleeping bag to save when I do that, but I load from my memo file, and I think I forgot to memo after one of those battles, and since I was saving over the old ones with the new sleeping bag save, I mightof not gotten the exp for several of those battles. Díoh. I wish it were like Saga Frontier, when it regular saves, it also memo saves at the same time.

1 N, easy victory.

1 N, again, victory.

1 or 2 deaths, and then 2 HGís, I win, barely.

42 exp till next level, I can get that on imps. Also, Iím down to 50 potion and sleeping bags, and I need to make sure to save something for the trip home. Iím gonna try marsh cave.

10:16 am

Level 15

This is like the highest level Iíve had to get in order to beat the wizards. Wow. Iíd have to check, but seems awful high.

Nice. Sea monsters are a waste . of . time.

Nice, wolves flee.

4 Sleeping bags, a memo save, and Iím entering the marsh cave.

Scorpions, then werewolves, then poisoned, then antidote and a ton of heals later, Iím at the wizards.

With a memo save, and 2 attempts, I got the wizards, and the crown.

Crawler and a bunch of skeletons stundeathed me. I loaded my memosave.

Waaa? Level 16?

Crazy! I guess you COULD exp in here if you REALLY wanted toÖ

Ok, the "WESTERN KEEP" for those of you whoíd get confused if I said NW castle.

Astos time.

He reaperíed me. Suck.

And again.

Wow, he slowed me, he lit2íd me, he did this, he did that, I was hitting him for like 1 hp sometimes, he tried to reaper me three times, and I still won. Luck.

Elcric dína, trats! (or Matoya if youíre not familiar with broom speek)

WowÖ Jolt TonicÖ What a name!

Ö IímÖ shocked! The Mystic KeyÖ is still called the Mystic Key. Wow. Wonders never cease.

You know whatís nice? 400 Ė 1400 exp every other step. Weíre talking Western Keep here. The monster spot guarding the chests. Nice.

Level 17

Watch out though, their stun is rare, but it works every once in a while, and then they get you good.

Nitro Powder.

Raided TOF for the halibut.

Dwarves are like monkeys, only hairier. Ok, get this. Youíre in an underground cave. Next to the ocean. You put a block of dynamite at the end of the CAVE to knock down a land bridge, making a canal. BUT, the inside of the cave is unharmed and does not get FLOODED by the OCEAN. Yeah. Right.

Level 18 just outside hairy-men-ville.

Centipedes have this really neet trick they do. Yísee, I punch them 4-5 times, and thenÖ theyÖ EXPLODE! Not really, they just die, but I figured youíd think that was funny.

Exping in crescent.

Killed my biggest party yet. 2 Trolls, and a Bull, or whatever itís name is.


Anyway, still exping. Havenít died, havenít leveled.


Level 19

I had the money, so I bought 80 something tents. I coulda maxed them, but I figured I should save some open room, so I can find some in dungeons later.

Earth Cave entrance.

Died on piscodemons, which is the wizards. Damn, those things are still tough.

Level 20

Memoíed on the vampire floor. Hit 4 wizards, and they HURT, but I was paying better attention to my health between battles so I was ok.

Damn, stun death. Had to start the floor over. Still level 20 though.

Damn, again. So much sooner this time too.

I was thinking I should just memo after each battle on that floor since itís so dangerous, and lo and behold, I get killed. Good thing I did the memosave.

Augh, finally. Vampire, one hit and heís dead. No contest. Easiest main monster possible.

Arg. Stundeath a ways away from the vampire, memoload from just after vampire.

Iím out! Saved at Melmond, going for some potion, and then the rod.

Level 21 on the way to the Titan.

I punch for about 400-600 damage now. Crazy fun.

Stundeath. All 395 hp, one at a time. I had to walk off into the other room and wait for it to finish because it took so long.

Vampire floor, memosave so I can actually make it through the thing.

Lich floor. Almost done.

Level 22 just before the Lich.

Wow, his defense is MASSIVE! My normal attack did like 1/4 the normal damage. Insane.

Bought ten cottages. Expensive.


Wow, I tried to go down the river to the Ice Cave, but WOW. So hard. I died to the river monsters.

Castle of Ordeals!

Man, slow really ruins my day. It prevents me from hitting multiple times, which takes out most of my damage dealing. I canít counter it either, so Iím basically screwed. *SIGH*

Oh, yes, my day was just made. Gauntlets (zeus gauntlets for NES) and a level.

12:14 Level 23

Healing Staff, beaaaaaaauuuuuutiful.

These nightmares would be good exp, 1200 each, and thereís a square that auto-hits you with them. Cool, but Iíll pass for now.

Ok, Iíve died a few times, loaded memo, and seriously running low on heals, but Iím ok I hope, because I am one square before the zombie dragon, and I have a rat tail. Wish me luck.

Ok, it was easy. I fought it like thirty times.

Level 24

Level 25


But now Iím OUT of potion and Iíve gotta go.

Ok, 95 potion, 95 antidote, 95 tent, fourty something cottage, and fourty something gold needles (even though theyíre useless). Sold all my crap accept the heal staff and the gauntlets (lit2)

Going for some exp on Crescent Lake. (As opposed to at crescent lake, hehehe)

Ooh, nice. I finally added 2 new monsters to my beastiary. Interesting I didnít have them earlier. Red fish thing, caribe or something, and the white croc. Nuts.

Level 26

I wasnít gonna mention this, but itís a stupid mistake. When youíre going west, your head is a 2x2 pixel block, and when youíre going east, itís a 2x1 pixel column. Really dumb.

Level 27

Ok, floater time.

I got hit pretty bad on the river, but on the grass in front of that area, I was fighting some low level undead things. I lit2íd it with the gauntlets, and then heal staffed up, since they could only do 1 dmg. Then I saved with a sleeping bag, and now Iím full health, and only 1 sleeping bag down. Sweet.

Iím in. Note: piscodemons suck.

Some undeads really hit me hard. Used 21 potions.

I assume mind flayers are just like sorcerers in the first game? These ones donít seem to kill you instantly like the sorcís can. Thatís good.

Undead spawn room at bottom floor hurts, so Iím gonna skip the chests on the bottom, maybe come back for them later (accept for marsh cave, Iíve gotten all the chests so far.)

Piscodemons, down to 33 potion. Iím cutting this too close

Fuck, 5 more piscoís and Iím dead. Loaded to completely outside the cave. Hope for less piscoís next time. Here I go.

That time in, I ran a lot, but it was no use. Every time, theyíd get 3 rounds of hits in, and Iíd take more damage than if Iíd killed them. Died eventually, and now Iím back at entrance from sleeping bag save.

Ok, I got all the way to the second floor full life, got hit hard by some undeads, but I saved one that doesnít hit hard, and healstaffed up. That may be the way I save my heals here, because thereís just too much work to do and I donít have enough heal pots.

Allrighty. Iím at the bottom floor, I havenít used any heal potions, and Iíve used the healstaff trick just about every battle so far. Itíd work faster with the defense, but hey, I take what I can get.

OK, memosaving before I drop onto the floater.


Level 28

Level 29 (both on the evil eyes before the levistone)

Ok, previously, eyes had no real damage dealing capacity. They just tried to instant kill you all the time. These do bolt2 and a few other pretty nasty damage spells. Not the greatest exp spot anymore. Nonetheless, I get to hit first almost every battle so I usually just pwn him before he attacks, but thereís still enough damage taken that it is too dangerous without memosaving after every battle, and still using up precious heal pots, which cannot be replaced until you return to a town.

Well, the rest of those items are nice and all, but I donít want to risk having to do this all again, so I am taking off. Outside I use a cottage, and prepare to hit the river.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, Airship. Hear me roar. Purrrrrrpurrrrrrrrrpurrrrrrr

AUGH! The class upgrade makes this dude look stupider too! WTF did Square have against the BB/Monk/Master?

Anyway, the fairy seller, in the desertÖ He becomes a regular store after you buy the fairy. Nice.


Waterfall, letís hope itís not so bad.

Level 30

Waterfall junk. Ribbon I canít use *cries* defender and such.

OH MAN, I love the fact that I can just hold the "accept" button and it just defenderís over and over again, like a bunch of times, and that next I can just hold the accept button to heal all the way back up, mindless like, and then finish the monsters off afterwards. Instead of the nes thing where you have to do that complex buttonpress EVERY TIME. Augh.

Level 31


Thinking about sea shrine. Also thinking about lowish level. So I dunno.

Water shrine stunned me, then SLAUGHTERED me. I need defense. Which means levels.

Level 32, in the big northern desert. Yíknow I checked my beastiary, and I have only 2 more monsters to fight. This is pretty cool.

Yíknow, maybe my emulator is chopping a pixel somewhere because either that, or my CHARACTER is messed up, and not a mirror image from west to east either. Facing west, he has white eyes, and facing east he has dark brown eyes.

Level 33

Iím doing about 800 damage.

Level 34

Almost 1000 damage consistently.

Level 35

The killing blow for that battle was 999 Damage.d

For the first time, as far as I could see as fast as it was blinking at me, I did 1024 damage, more than a thousand. NICE :D

Level 36

I consistently do damage in the mid 900ís to low 1000ís

Level 37

Raided the rest of Marsh Cave

Raiding the Earth Cave, I get level 38

Raiding the Earth Cave, I get level 39

Raided the Earth Cave

Raided the Ice Cave

Went back to the great desert, exping

Level 40

Fire shrine

Level 41

Level 42

Level 43

Marilith is like 2 hits. :P

3:12 pm

Water palace

Level 44

Level 45

Mermaids & Rossetta Stone

Town, heal potions repurchase

Level 46 Ė 999 hp

Level 47

Kraken Ė 2 hits. I lost 0 hp. He was easier than a trio of imps.

I havenít seen 2000 damage yet, but Iíve seen 1993. Iím pretty close.

Dr. Unne is a dick.

I got the "Bell" A fricken BELL. Chime at least sounded like it had an interesting property, but no, they had to change the name to a fricken BELL. Woo, like I couldnít just go CLANK TWO SWORDS TOGETHER to make that noise, sheesh.

Level 48 leaving Liefen.

Ok, now for a test. Necrotaurs donít run away. So, I healed up, defensed up, and then used giants gloves about 50 times (thatís like casting saber Ė a spell that ups yer damage by 16 every time, fifty times)

Here goes the pitch.


OOH, another interesting note. I just did more than 2100 damage to an imp. I was about to inn save at coneria.

Oh, somewhere back there, I got level 49

Mirage Tower

Level 50

Oh fucking god damn fucking fuck.

I played on easy mode before. Normal mode means you canít go higher than level 50


I really wanted to pound the hell out of something.


Sky castle first floor.

Memosaved once, got petrified a few times, cursed and swore so much. Each battle takes about 20 minutes, because of all the damn defense/healstaffing I have to do. Iím so goddamn bored.

4:50 PM

Tiamat is dead.


4:55 TOF is prepped, Iíll do it tomorrow.

November 7, 2005

6:30 pm

This would be pretty easy to finish, particularly on the psx emulator, but I just had my heart set on level 99. I havenít come back to this because instead of having 99 levels and the most beefing incredible bb ever, I only get level 50. So, suffice to say, it would be much easier than say a Fighter to finish this log, but the enjoyment I wanted out of this simply isnít here unless you play easy mode. So, I might come back to this someday, as I still have that savegame, but I doubt it. On the other hand, with all the items accessible from battle, instead of just a select few, this should be way easier than it is on the NES.

Signing off on this one probably forever.