FFO Name: Cottage

"Restores party's HP and MP. Also saves game. Used outdoors."

Price: 3000 / 2000

The House is a rather expensive way to save the game and restore HP, and the only way to restore MP on the go. They restore 120 HP (or a random amount on the WSC) to each Warrior and give you the option to save and restore magic. Unfortunately, due to a bug, the magic is restored after the save, so if you restart you won't have your magic. A way around this is to use a TENT immediately after to save. The TENT and CABIN are weaker versions of this item. They can only be used on the world map. They are available for sale in all but the first 2 item shops, that includes these towns:

Crescent Lake
Move it fatty!

In the Japanese version the House is called a Cottage. Cottages return in at least FF2, 4 & 5.