Experience: 90
Gold: 45
Hit Points: 50
Agility: 36
Defense: 0
Magic Defense: 37
Strength: 10
Hit Rate: 13
# of Hits: 1
Critical Hit Rate: 1
Additional Effect: Dark
Additional Effect Rate: 1
Courage: 124
Category: Demon, Undead
Weakness: Fire
Resistance: Status, Poison, Death, Ice, Earth
Spells: none
Locations Relatives
Marsh Cave IMAGE
Melmond Area WRAITH
Enemy Mapping GHOST

Shadows only appear together, and can only be found in the Marsh Cave and the area around the Earth Cave.

Shadows are nothing to worry about. A shot of FIR2 or HRM2 can take out a pack of them. Their touch can cause the Dark status, but that's not much of a problem.

Shadow is also the name in every version. The name shadow is doubly significant: They are undead ghosts which resemble shadows, and they cause blindness. I can't specifically trace the origin of this creature to anywhere, but many myths involve shadowy creatures. One dictionary definition of shadow is a "specter or ghost", another says "phantom". Dungeons & Dragons has a creature called a shadow, with an icy touch and the ability to drain the strength of its victim. Some aspects of these remind me a little of the black riders from Lord of the Rings. On Coast to Coast AM, "shadow people" are a frequent topic of discussion. They are evil entities (perhaps demons) that sometimes attack people. Creatures called Shadows can also be found in FF2, FF3, FF5, FF11, and Mystic Quest. The Black Dragon in FF4 is called "Shadow" in the English version, FF7 has a creature called a Shadow Maker, and FF6 has a character named Shadow. For more info about ghosts, see Ghost.