PEDE Ankheg
Experience: 1194
Gold: 300
Hit Points: 222
Agility: 48
Defense: 20
Magic Defense: 116
Strength: 39
Hit Rate: 56
# of Hits: 1
Critical Hit Rate: 1
Additional Effect: Poison
Additional Effect Rate: 2
Courage: 111
Category: none
Weakness: none
Resistance: none
Spells: none
Locations Relatives
Gurgu Volcano Area GrPEDE
Gurgu Volcano
Ice Cave Area
Enemy Mapping

Pedes seem to only hang out in the Gurgu Volcano and the surrounding area. They only appear alone or in groups together.

They can poison you, so to counter such an annoyance, I usually run. Unlike monsters earlier in the game though, these will give you enough gold for it to be worth it at least.

Pede is Ankheg in the Japanese version and Centipede in FF Origins. They come from Dungeons & Dragons. They're like gigantic centipedes. The English name Pede would just be an abreviation of centipede. Centipede comes from Latin and means 100 feet. Centipedes are long, many-legged arthropods, but don't actually have 100 legs. Ankhegs return in FF5, and other types of centipedes appear in FF4 & FF5.