Experience: 195
Gold: 195
Hit Points: 100
Agility: 18
Defense: 10
Magic Defense: 65
Strength: 18
Hit Rate: 25
# of Hits: 1
Critical Hit Rate: 1
Additional Effect: none
Additional Effect Rate: 0
Courage: 116
Category: Giant
Weakness: none
Resistance: none
Spells: none
Locations Relatives
Pravoka Area GrOGRE
East of Pravoka WzOGRE
ElfLand Area
Dwarf Cave Area
Marsh Cave Area
Melmond Area
Titan's Tunnel
Earth Cave
Gurgu Volcano Area
Ice Cave Area
Enemy Mapping

Ogres appear alone or with Green Ogres, Creeps, or Hyenas. They're found in the beginning and middle of the game.

At low levels don't go against two of these. Once you get some Short Swords or FIR2 you'll be good to go though. Also, being a member of the Giant category, the Giant Sword is more effective (in the WSC version), not that it matters since you should be able to kill them in one hit by the time you get it anyway.

Ogres have the same name in every version. Ogres can be found in classic fairy tales, Disney cartoons, Shrek, and games like Dungeons & Dragons and Warcraft 2. Ogres return in FF2, FF3, FF4, FF9, and FF10. You can also find an axe called Ogre Killer in FF4, and a sword called Ogre Nix in FF6 & FF7.