KARY Marilith
Experience: 2475 / 2000
Gold: 3000 / 1
Hit Points: 600 / 700
Agility: 48 / 60
Defense: 50 / 60
Magic Defense: 183 / 183
Strength: 40 / 60
Hit Rate: 63 / 63
# of Hits: 6 / 6
Critical Hit Rate: 1 / 1
Additional Effect: none / none
Additional Effect Rate: 0 / 0
Courage: 255 / 255
Category: Demon, Magic /
Demon, Magic
Weakness: Status /
Resistance: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison /
Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison
Spells: FIR2, DARK, HOLD /
Locations Relatives
Gurgu Volcano /
ToF: 2000

Kary is one of the four Fiends (Chaoses) and the boss of the Gurgu Volcano. Then you'll fight a stronger Kary on the way through the final dungeon.

The first time you fight Kary she's weak to the Status element. Spells like MUTE and CONF are good ideas. Fight hard and use FAST. If your Black Mage needs something to do have him cast his strongest attack spell, even if it's FIR3. Ice doesn't do any better. Kary gains the least in her second form than any other Fiend, but she's no longer weak to Status spells. So long as you're protected from Fire (Ribbons, Dragon Armor, White Shirt, Flame Armor, AFIR) you sould be strong enough by this point to beat her easily without incident. Physical attacks work best.

In the Japanese and FF Origins versions Kary is called Marilith. Kary is most likely a poor translation of the Indian goddess Kali, who also has six arms. Marilith seems to come from Dungeons & Dragons. Mariliths are a kind of Tanar'ri, which D&D describes as "chaos and evil defined". Tanar'ri are basically demons. Mariliths in particular have snake bodies on their lower half, and are attractive six-armed females on top. The name Marilith is very similar to Lilith*, which is another half-snake woman creature. Marilith returns as a Chaos in FF9, but is mistranslated as Maliris. There's an enemy called Kary in the English version of FF4, but it's not related.

* Especially in Japanese where L & R are the same thing.