FrWOLF Winter Wolf
Experience: 402
Gold: 200
Hit Points: 92
Agility: 54
Defense: 0
Magic Defense: 55
Strength: 25
Hit Rate: 23
# of Hits: 1
Critical Hit Rate: 1
Additional Effect: none
Additional Effect Rate: 0
Courage: 200
Category: none
Weakness: Fire
Resistance: Ice
Spells: FROST
Locations Relatives
East of Pravoka WOLF
Finger Point GrWOLF
Ice Cave WrWOLF
Onrac Area
Gaia Area
Lefein Area
ToF 2000
Enemy Mapping

Frost wolves are found together in large packs, and with Frost Giants. They're mostly found in the Ice Cave, but also on the overworld toward the end of the game, and the last dungeon.

Fighting frost wolves can be good for getting G and experience, but they can be dangerous. The only problem with them is their Frost attack, which can take an unprepared party down easily. Fortunately, one shot of Fir2 can take a whole pack out at once, and Fir3 definately will.

Frost Wolves are called Winter Wolves in the Japanese version and FF Origins. Winter wolves come from Dungeons & Dragons. They are large, intelligent wolves who live in cold climates and can breathe frost from their lungs. You won't find them in later FF games, but for more wolfy goodness, see the Wolf page.