FrGIANT Ice Gigas
Experience: 1752
Gold: 1752
Hit Points: 336
Agility: 48
Defense: 16
Magic Defense: 150
Strength: 60
Hit Rate: 78
# of Hits: 1
Critical Hit Rate: 1
Additional Effect: none
Additional Effect Rate: 0
Courage: 200
Category: Giant
Weakness: Fire
Resistance: Ice
Spells: none
Locations Relatives
Ice Cave GIANT
Onrac Area R.GIANT
TOF 2000
Enemy Mapping

Frost giants are found alone or with Frost Wolves. They are found in the Ice Cave, a bit of the overworld, and the final dungeons.

Being in the Giant category, the Giant Sword (Great Sword) works better against them in the WSC version, as does the Flame Sword. Fire spells are the best thing against them.

In the original Japanese version (and FF Origins) the Frost Giant is the Ice Gigas. As the US name would imply, ice gigases are very likely (loosely) based on the frost giants found in AD&D. Frost giants live in arctic climates, are immune to ice-based attacks, and sometimes tame things like winter wolves as guards. Ice gigases reappear in FF2, but for more giant fun see the Giant page.