Experience: N/A
Gold: N/A
Hit Points: 2000
Agility: 100
Defense: 100
Magic Defense: 200
Strength: 100
Hit Rate: 200
# of Hits: 2
Critical Hit Rate: 1
Additional Effect: Stun
Additional Effect Rate: 1
Courage: 255
Category: none
Weakness: none
Resistance: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth,
Status, Poison,
Time, Death
Spells: ICE3, LIT3, SLO2, CUR4,
Locations Relatives
ToF: 2000

Chaos is the final boss. He's found on the bottom floor of the Temple of Fiends 2000 years in the past.

You might want to do things differently depending on the strength of your party. Stronger parties should just go full steam and try to beat Chaos as soon as possible. Weaker parties can get caught by his CUR4 spell after they've wasted their strong spells. You should spend the beginning of the battle keeping your HP up, building up characters with FAST, INV2, protection from elements, etc. Once he pulls CUR4, then go nuts on him. In the WSC/PS remakes his spells are more random, so you should always just go full blast on him. Either way you do it, you should use FAST on your fighting characters, use some INV2, and use WALL or ARUB/ALIT/AFIR/AICE on any characters without armor that protects against those elements. (Generally speaking, your Knight would be the one character without a Ribbon, but would have Dragon Armor, a ProRing, and the Aegis Shield, so ARUB would cover the one spell he's still vulnerable to: CRACK.) Anyway, fight hard, and use strong attack spells if necessary.

Chaos has the same name in every version. The more common meaning of the word chaos, "complete disorder", describes him well. He has a lot of crazy powerful spells, the ability to stun you, and attack fiercely. You never know what to expect. The other meaning of Chaos, according to Merriam-Webster, is "the confused unoraganized state existing before the creation of distinct forms". Chaos is the embodiment of the primeval forces, the devil of the Final Fantasy world. His horned and winged appearance is reminiscent of the traditional appearance of demons. Things similar to Chaos can be found in just about every medium. I'm told Chaos returns as one of Vincent's limit breaks in FF7.