CATMAN Weretiger
Experience: 780
Gold: 780
Hit Points: 160
Agility: 48
Defense: 16
Magic Defense: 93
Strength: 30
Hit Rate: 40
# of Hits: 2
Critical Hit Rate: 1
Additional Effect: Poison
Additional Effect Rate: 2
Courage: 148
Category: Demon, Were, Regenerative
Weakness: none
Resistance: none
Spells: none
Locations Relatives
Cardia Islands MANCAT
Castle of Ordeal Area
Mirage Tower

Catmen appear in groups together or with Saber Tooth Tigers and are found in the latter half of the game.

No particular strategy, I usually run because they can poison. Since they're in the Demon, Were, and Regen categories they're weak to the Rune Sword, Were Sword, Flame Sword, and Excalibur (in the WSC version), but it's not worth bothering.

Catman is called Weretiger in the Japanese version and FF Origins. They probably got these from Dungeons & Dragons, but they likely originate from European myth. Weretigers, similar to werewolves, are humans with the ability to transform into tigers and/or tiger/human hybrids. The poison status in this game must come from the idea that werewolves and other were-creature spread their curse to others with their bite. They do not appear in any later FFs.